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Conscious consumers to prefer natural knitwear: WoolOvers, United Kingdom
As consumers are turning more and more environmentally conscious, the emerging threat of microplastic pollution caused by washing synthetic clothing is going to have a big impact on people choosing
Ritu Kumar unveils ‘Nature’s Origami’ collection at LFW, India
India’s most respected designer Ritu Kumar unveiled her environmentally friendly collection ‘Nature’s Origami’ with her iconic laid out prints in collaboration with Austrian fibre brand Lenzing
Timberland launches nature needs heroes campaign, United States Of America
For the spring 2020 season, Timberland has launched brand's nature needs heroes campaign, celebrating six eco-heroes from around the globe who are making positive change for the planet, and calling on
Natural fibres main crop in Farfarm agro-forestry projects, Brazil
All agro-forestry projects carried out by Farfarm in Brazil have natural fibres as the main crop, apart from a focus on native species from the respective biome and cash crops and food crops for the
OETI develops certification for natural fibre products, Austria
OETI has introduced new certification for eco-friendly and regionally produced natural fibre products – Inspected Quality - a label OETI has developed for products which are composed of 100 per cent
India natural market for sensors created by Bebop Sensors, United States Of America
Sensors manufactured by Berkeley, California-based smart fabric sensor technology company Bebop Sensors comprehend force, location, size, weight, bend, twist and presence across any size, resolution
MLU team detects natural dye in old clothes, Germany
Scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) have developed analytical methods to examine several-thousand-years-old textiles from China and Peru. The new method is able to
Imperial College team prints metals on natural fabrics, United Kingdom
A multidisciplinary team of scientists from Imperial College London has developed technology to print metals such as silver, gold and platinum onto natural fabrics and shown that it could be used to
Pyratex fabrics use responsibly-sourced natural fibres, Spain
Spain-based Pyrates Smart Fabrics, set up with the goal to find a fashion solution to health and environmental challenges, provide the same benefits as synthetic smart fabrics, but using
'There is growing interest in yarns with natural origins', Italy
The market for bio-based yarns is pretty limited, but there is a growing interest in yarns with natural origins. In line with growing consumer demand for eco-sustainable clothing a large number of
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