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Stahl launches next generation leather upgrading portfolio, Netherlands
Stahl has announced Stahl EleGrade, its new leather upgrading portfolio. With this, customers can elevate quality of their leather, while keeping the natural characteristics of the material. The range
Testex becomes member of Leather Naturally, Switzerland
Testex is the first textile and leather testing institute to join Leather Naturally in promoting the use of globally manufactured sustainable leather. Leather Naturally is a members association that
Hyosung presents new creora Color+ at Interfiliere connect, South Korea
To address consumer desire for colour variety in comfort apparel made with natural fibres, Hyosung, a South Korea based comprehensive fibre manufacturer providing solutions to textile industry, has
US' scientists strengthen C-fibre composites with waste, United States Of America
US’ scientists have used natural plant products called cellulose nanocrystals to coat and pin carbon nanotubes uniformly into the carbon-fibre composites, to increase their strength and impart other
Icebreaker commits to plastic-free apparel by 2023, New Zealand
This year, Icebreaker is celebrating 25 years of creating natural apparel challenging status quo on how clothing is made and what it is made from. Leading charge with its transparent, ethical &
Apparel brand Allbirds announces expansion in Korea, United States Of America
Allbirds has announced its expansion into Korea. Korean customers will now be able to get their hands on the minimalist shoes made from premium natural materials that are adored by the likes of Barack
DMU scientist uses fungi to dye clothes, United Kingdom
A scientist from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has shown how fungi can be used as a natural and energy-saving way of dyeing clothes. She found that the biodegradable enzymes present in
Multiple fabric layers improve cotton's efficacy in masks, United States Of America
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology and a Smithsonian Institution institute recently studied how well some natural and synthetic fabrics filter particles sized similar to the
Timberland's products to have net positive impact, United States Of America
With a view to address the environmental impact of the fashion industry, Timberland has declared the goal for its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030, giving back more than it
Anta Group, WWF collaborating on sustainability, China
Anta Group and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are collaborating on sustainability. The two signed an international partnership deal at the group's operational headquarter in Xiamen. With this,
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