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An Overview on the Biotechnology Application Technology for Manmade Fibres Processing
An Overview on the Biotechnology Application Technology for Manmade Fibres Processing
Natural Dyes, Our Global Heritage of Colours
Natural dyes and colorants are an essential part of the worlds ecological and cultural heritage. Natural Dyes and Colorants have played a major part in Economic and Cultural Exchanges between nations
Natural substitute for synthetic detergent
Aritha and shitakes are being used as Natural Substitute since past years for Synthetic Detergent. preparation of samples for laundering, extraction of the content from aritha and shikakai and
Problems and Aspects of Natural Dyes
Article By Pragati Kodrikar On Problems And Aspects Of Natural Dyes, Natural Dyes, Synthetic Dyes, Is A Organic Chemical Compound Which Is Used For Colouring The Fabric And Many More Only At
Rupee Fall is Only Natural
Rupee Fall Reason - Article about How Rupee Fall against Dollar and will rupee fall again? It discusses the reason behind Rupee Fall; Calculation says Let it happen, Rupee Fall is Only Natural.
Norwegian Natural Dyeing
Natural dyeing with Bright colors in textiles have a long Clothing Traditions Norway. Using Natural dyeing in Norway Norwegians developed a taste for silk fabrics as well as bright reds, yellows and
Eco Dyeing of Animal Fibres
Eco Dyeing Of Animal Fibres: Quality Of Wool Fibre Depends On The Climate, Food and General Care And Health Of The Animal. Dyeing Of Animal Fibre, Dyeing Of Animal Fibres Wool and series of
Textiles made from Agave fibres
Properties of agave fibres are useful to gain sustainable textile. There are various applications of agave fibres like they can be used as bio-composites, in substitute to glass fibres.
An ingenious use of fibres
Women of villages near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand are now earning a livelihood by an ingenious method of mixing bhimal and jute fibres, reports Shishir Prashant.
Use of bamboo fibres in fabrics
Bamboo fabric consist of exceptional properties and it grows quickly in good conditions without pesticides. Bamboo clothes made out of bamboo fibres are gaining popularity now a days.
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