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Fabrics from corn fibres
Corn Fibre has similar characteristics of Polyester Staple Fibre endowed with the luster of silk. Corn Fibre Fabrics offer the comfort of cotton, silk etc. These fabrics are being adored for their
Innovative Polyester Fibres for Future Growth in Technical Textiles
Innovative Polyester Fibres for Future Growth in Technical Textiles
Natural Braided Rug Materials
Natural Braided Rug Materials, Classic Braided Rug, Yarns, Fabrics Woolen Yarns, Cloth Scraps, Early Rug Weavers. Use Of Renewable Materials, Bamboo, Hemp, Jute Renewable Fiber Source Bamboo Very High
Natural plant dyes
There are many Plant Materials that can be used for dyeing yarns and materials: roots, bark, leaves, berries and seeds. Natural Plant Dyes can be poured down the drain with running water.
Natural Fiber Rugs
Natural Fiber Rugs
Red Gold - Raising Cochineal in Oaxaca
Article on Red Gold, Raising Cochineal in Oaxaca, Mexican natural dyes by Eric Chávez Santiago & Hector Manuel Meneses Lozano.
Polypropylene Staple Fibre for Specialized Technical Textiles Application
Article By S.R. Vengsarker On Polypropylene Staple Fibre For Specialized Technical Textiles Applications, He Also Tells About Specialties Of Polypropylene Fibres In Comparison To Other Synthetic
Development of Textiles for Automotive Applications Using Recycled Fibres
Recycled Fibres – Development of Automotive Textile, Recycled Fiber Clothing, Recycled Fiber Apparel, Clothing for Automotive Application using Recycled fibres is eco friendly way and innovative
Metallic Yarns and Fibres in Textiles
Metallic Yarn an Metal fibre Manufacturing Process -Metallic Yarns,Silver Metallic Yarn,Gold Metallic Yarns,Metal Fibre,Metal Fiber are made from strips of a synthetic film, such as polyester, coated
Fashion fabrics from metallic fibres
Metallic fibers can be used for fabrics with both functional & decorative effects. The most common application of it is in the making of upholstery fabrics.
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