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Man-made fibres driving growth
The global demand for textile fibres consumption has witnessed a significant growth in the past three decades, especially that of man-made fibres. Read More.
Biocomposites: A Futuristic Approach for Ecofriendly Textiles
Natural fibres as a substitute for glass fibres in composite components and very common composite today. Bio material composites are sprouting today which are made from natural fibres at the same cost
Sisal fibre: The natural option
The concept of 'green' economy is supported by energy efficiency, renewable feed stocks in polymer products, encouraging industrial processes to reduce carbon emissions.
Bamboo Fibre
Article By B. R. Das And S. Hati, Bamboo Fibre, Bamboo Fibre Is A Natural Textile Made From The Pulp Of The Bamboo Grass. Fabric Made With Bamboo Fibre Has Been Growing In Popularity, Because It Has
Review of the History, Properties and Application of Plant Fibres
Read Article on Review of the History Properties and Application of Plant Fibres, Statistics of Plant Fibres, Types of Fibres and Chemical Composition of Plant Fibre. A complete survey of natural
Innovative and Multidirectional Applications of Natural Fibre - Silk : A Review
Applications of Natural Fibre - innovative uses of insect fibre, Natural silk fibre are required to exploit its compatibility, eco friendly and value addition potential. Research on innovative trends
Sikki natural fibre handicrafts - marketing challenges & opportunities
Sikki Natural Fibre Handicrafts - Sikki Handicraft is a type of grass and belongs to the category of natural fibres. The artisans have skill but the main problem they are facing is the lack of
Characteristics and Use of Man-made Fibres
Textile fibres have different applications depending on their characteristics and special properties. Pradeep Kulshrestha presents an overview. Textile fibres have different applications depending on
The use of Sequestrants in the Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres with Reactive Dyes
Read Article on The use of Sequestrants in the Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres with Reactive Dyes, Controlled Dyeing of Cotton with Reactive Dyes, The Influence of Metallic Impurities from Hardness,
Advantages of jute as natural bast fibre for different technical textiles
Textiles & products manufactured for technical performance are known as technical textiles. Lets have a close look at the use of jute in these textiles.
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