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Dyeing of Cotton Fibre using Marigold Flower as Dye
Flowers can be used to extract dye which can be used as Natural Floral Dye for Coloring Textile Fibre. Marigold Flower Dyeing has mainly two class are Flavonoids, Carotenoids which are Eco Friendly
Advantages of jute as natural bast fibre for different technical textiles
Textiles & products manufactured for technical performance are known as technical textiles. Lets have a close look at the use of jute in these textiles.
Diamond Fibre - 'Pashmina'
Diamond Fibre-Pashmina Very Soft, Exotically Delicate, Weightless and Finest Natural Insulating Fiber of the World Extracted from Inner Coats of Chyangra Goats or Cashmere Goats. Making Steps of
Blending Mesta with Natural Colour Cotton: A Novel Approach
Blending of Mesta Fibre with Natural Color Cotton: Natural Colour Cotton is a naturally pigmented fibre. Natural Colour Cotton Fabric,Natural Dye Cotton without harmful fertilizers and apparels and
Natural Yet Unsustainable!
Edward Menezes suggests a judicious approach towards advocating any specific type of colourant as natural dyes also have their disadvantages. Looking good and feeling nice is a basic need for the
Innovative Fibres
Innovative Fibres
Dyeing of Pretreated Jute Substrate, with Natural Dye Catechu (Katha)
Article on Pretreatment of Jute Dyeing Process, Golden Fibre Dyeing Process, materials & Method of Jute Dyeing Process, preparation & Pretreatment of fabrics with Natural Dye Catechu, Katha by
Characterization and treatments of pineapple leaf fibre
Pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) is one of the natural fibre that have also good potential as reinforcement in thermoplastic composite. Read to know more.
Study of Ramie Fibre – A Review
Article By Nitan Garg On Study Of Ramie Fibre, Ramie Is Commonly Known As China Grass, Chinese Cultivated Plant And Known As Best Fibre Crops, Also Discussed About Ramie Fibre Characterstics, Ramie
Textile Fibre Composites & It's Applications
Article By Ashok Rajpurohit And Bhagwat Tiwari, Textile Fibre Composites & Textile Fibre Applications, Natural Fibre Composites Well Suited As Wood Substitutes In Housing & Construction
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