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Biodegradable Fibre: Solution for plastic waste free world?
Biodegradable Fibre-Solution For Plastic Waste Free World. Polylactic Acid (PLA), Biodegradable Polymer Becoming Popular Alternative to Manmade Fibres. Process of Manufacturing and Biodegradation of
What the European Green Deal Means for Textiles
The textile industry has come a long way in terms of sustainability. Mills are realising the true benefits of adopting environmentally friendly practices, and organisations are starting to hold the
Textile Eco-Processing & their Role in Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Process less harmful to our natural resources. Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Process more environmentally conscious for fashion
Garment Making, Sewing Thread & Selection Criteria
The different types of Sewing Thread are used in Garment Making like Natural fiber threads, Cotton Threads, Synthetic threads and Combination fibers.
Khadi boom is here to stay
Khadi fabric fashion is not confined to dull colours anymore. Khadi trend has shown upward trend worldwide as it consist advantages being natural fabric.
A look at the numerous types of spinning wheels which exist
A spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn which comes from the natural or Man Made Fibers. Modern Spinning Techniques are providing of automatic means to rotate the spindle, an
Will Indian Textile Sector lose the WTO Subsidies?
Article By Fibre2fashion On Indian Textile Sector Lose The WTO Subsidies And Highly Competitive Nature Of The Indian Textile Industry Has Made The US Concerned, Regarding The Preferences, And
Eco-Friendly Fabric
Eco-Friendly Fabric With Pros And Cons Including Bamboo Fabric-Soft Touch, Stronger Fabric, Breathable To Stay Cool In Summer And Warmer In Winter, Silk Fabric-Natural Protein Fiber Good For Allergic
Basalt Fiber
Basalt Fiber: Basalt fibre is a material made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, which is composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine. Various types Basalt Fibre Manufacturers are
A Brief Story on Silk Fabric
Article By Michele Carelse Stephen, A Brief On Silk Fabric Story, Many Types Like Art Silk, Viscose, Chiffon Fabric, Stretch Fabric, Tissue, Cotton And Silk Are Man Made Fabrics, Four Types Of Natural
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