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Artificial Fiber by Biomimetics
Article By New Cloth Market On Artificial Fiber By Biomimetics, Describes That Synthetic Fibers Have Been Developed By Science And Natural Materials Are Produced As A Consequence Of Biological
Power your mp3 Player through your Fabric!
Article By Fibre2fashion, Power Your Mp3 Player Through Your Fabric, Cotton Threads Have Come Up With Many Novel Inventions That One Cannot Visualize, Thread Will Be A Natural Fibre, Knots In This
Development of Cultivable 'Cotton Micro Dust-Coir Fibre Waste' Composite
Development Of Cultivable Cotton Micro Dust, Coir Fibre Waste Composite Manufactured Using Hydraulic Pneumatic Machine After Necessary Pre-Treatment. Forests Cutting Down, Occupying Cultivable Areas,
Draft National Fibre Policy Recommends Incentivising Textile Exports
Article By H.K Sehgal On Draft National Fibre Policy Recommends Incentivising Textile Exports And Agri. Extension Services, There Has Also Been A Growing Concern On Account Of Consumption Of Fibre In
Preparation for High Speed Spinning Of PV Fibre Dyed Yarns
Preparation of High Speed Spinning Machine for PV Fibre Dyed Yarns, Fibre Dyed Yarn to speed up its ring frames not only depends heavily on quality of the fibers, but also on capability of mill
Techno-economic Feasibility of Large Scale Production of Bio-based Polymers in Europe
Read Article on Techno-economic Feasibility of Large Scale Production, Bio-based Polymers in Europe, Starch polymer production technologies, Production of PLA from biomass, Production of cellulosic
Material for the future
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) is one of the most promising materials of the future which can transform the world with better safety motorsports wear and powerful vehicles.
Light Emitting Textiles and Clothing heads for commercial usage
Light Emitting Textiles and Light Emitting Clothing heads for commercial manufacturing. Optical fibres and LEDs technology used for manufacturing of light emitting fabrics, Light Emitting Textiles.
Wool Scouring
Greasy Wool Contains Substantial Amounts Of Contaminants. Before It Can Be Used As A Textile Fibre These Contaminants Must Be Removed By A Scouring (Washing) Process, Fibre Entanglement Leads To
Corn Fiber: A New Fiber on Horizon
Read The Article About Corn Fibre And Biotechnology Innovations Is Leading To An Escalating Number Of Low-Cost And Effective Biotechnology Solutions As There Are Many Corn Fibre Attributes And Corn
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