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LMW Preparatory Machines - Creating new benchmarks in Airjet yarn quality
For airjet yarn preparation, we need a better opening without fibre rupture. This is ensured by LMW's gentle blowroom line. LMW's machines, equipped with gradual opening and cleaning processes ensure
Threadbare Margins
Read Article on Threadbare Margins and Indias share in total US imports of MFA fibers. The end of the Multi Fibre Arrangement (MFA) in 2004 was expected to usher in a golden era of growth and
Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Pigment Colour
Dyeing Of Cotton Fabric, Pigment Colour, Cotton Fibre Chiefly Dyed With Direct, Reactive, Vat, Sulphur, Azoic Classes Of Dyestuffs. Chemical Modification Of Cotton To Improve Affinity For Acid And
Textile Research in the World - A Bird's Eyeview
Article By Ms. Indra Doraiswamy And K. P. Chellamani On Textile Research In The World, A Birds Eyeview And Review Of The FIbre Research, Product And Machinery Development, Nano Technology ,Plasma
Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. overseas after-sales service
In 2011, Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. supplied draw line equipment including creel, draw frames, immersion baths, steam boxes, annealer, tow stacker, dryer etc., for use in polyester staple fibre
Crop-based polymers for nonwovens
Biodegradable Polyester - Cost & Easy-Care Properties Of Real Polyester, Crop Based Polymers using Polylactic Acid Fibre Process For Non Woven Industry, Fossil Fuel, Reducing Global Worming,
Desired and Undesired Hair of p/w DRF Yarns
Article on Drf Yarn, DRF Yarns Quality, DRF Yarns Fibre Quality, DRF yarns than conventional yarns produced by different fiber length comparatively by Lokesh Shukla, Dept. of Textile Technology at the
Manufacturing process of Milk Fiber
Milk Fibre Manufacturing Process - Characteristics of milk fiber such as easy to dye under normal temperature and can be blended well with different fibers. History of Casein or Milk Fiber was
Peace Silk Secrets – A Vegan’s critical guide to ethical silk
Silk is a highly luxurious and sensual - at touch fibre - extracted from silkworm cocoons. Silk was first introduced to the European craftsmen from China, brought via the Silk Road trade routes, over
Production of Fused Polyester Core with Cotton Wrapped Triple Rove Thermo Core
Article Dr.Dasaradan B. S On Production Of Fused Polyester Core With Cotton Wrapped Triple Rove Thermo Core Yarn Fibre Migration Behavior And Its Mechanical Properties, More At Fibre2fashion.Com.
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