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Critical Analysis of Inter-Fiber Friction
Inter-Fiber Frictional Model - Fibers are held in yarn by inter-fibre frictional contact & Fibre treatment with PEG increases the co-efficient of dynamic friction and decreases the static
Effect of draw winding process parameters on yarn properties
Drawing or stretching of filament yarn is usually accomplished by conveying the spun fibre through 2 sets or 2 series of rollers separated by a heater called godet.
Textile Application of the Color Sensitivity of a Dye Mixture
Textile Application, Color Sensitivity Of A Dye Mixture. Cotton-Backbone Of Worlds Textile Trade and One Of The Problematic Fibre For General Wet Processing/Dyeing. Right-First-Time Product Process
Studies on Thermomigration of Disperse Dyes
Studies On Thermomigration Of Disperse Dyes, Thermomigration Is A General Term, Used To Describe The Diffusion Of Disperse Dyes Out Of Dyed Or Printed Polyester Fibre During Heat Treatments, And Their
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part III
Article By Hiral Shah, Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing, Fibre Can Be Dyed In The Form Of Fibre, Yarn, Fabric Or Slivers. They Are Usually Processed As Blends-With Cotton, Rayon,
Application of Formaldehyde-free Finishes
Read Article on Application of Formaldehyde-free Finishes, Man-made Fibre Fabrics, Performance Evaluation of the Finished Fabric, Padding Mangle Expression of fabrics, Tensile Strength and Elongation
Thermal performance of fire fighters' protective clothing: Numerical study of transient heat and water vapor transfer
Protective Clothing, Fibre Fighter Clothing is protecting skin from thermal injury that results from exposure to high intensity thermal radiation. A detailed mathematical model is constructed to study
About Jute
Article By New Cloth Market On Jute Fibre That Is A Rain-Fed Crop With Little Need For Fertilizer Or Pesticides, The Retting Process Consists Of Bundling Jute Stems Together And Immersing Them In Low,
An Introduction to Milk Fiber-A Review
Milk Fiber: Review of Milk Fiber,Milk Fiber Yarn,Milk Fiber Clothing,Milk Yarn,Milk Fibre,Milk Fibre Yarn,Milk Fiber Content,Milk Fiber Advantages,Cyarn Milk Protein Fiber, and Cyarn Milk Protein
PLA (Polylactic Acid): New Era of Textiles
PLA - Polylactic Acid Fibre : New Era of Textiles. The brief Introduction & review on PLA Polylactic Acid fibres. PLA belongs to the family of Poly (α hydroxy) acid.
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