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Study of Ramie Fibre – A Review
Article By Nitan Garg On Study Of Ramie Fibre, Ramie Is Commonly Known As China Grass, Chinese Cultivated Plant And Known As Best Fibre Crops, Also Discussed About Ramie Fibre Characterstics, Ramie
Textile Fibre Composites & It's Applications
Article By Ashok Rajpurohit And Bhagwat Tiwari, Textile Fibre Composites & Textile Fibre Applications, Natural Fibre Composites Well Suited As Wood Substitutes In Housing & Construction
Aromatic and anti-bacterial fabrics from Japan
Omikenshi Co. Ltd - a Japanese based firm manufactures number of fibres that are quoted with materials obtained in a natural way and Environmental Safety. Sundia branded fibres, crabyon branded fibres
Contribution of Animal Fibre in Indian Economy
Contribution of Animal Fibre in Indian Economy - An Article about Share of Globally Natural Fibres and also It Describe the Importance of Animal Fibres, Wool Fabrics.
'Turning Vision 20-20 Into Reality' The Mann Society
Article By Fibre2fashion On Turning Vision 20-20 Into Reality The Mann Society And Make Atmosphere And Nature Neat And Clean Main Objectives Of The Society Is Use Of Banana Fibres Into Eco Friendly
Tracking the new cellulose fibres created with ionic liquid
The increasing Demand of cellulose fibres in Textile Industry is predicted to reach 133.5 meter by 2030. The properties of cellulosic fibres are like sustainability and breathability.
National Fibre Policy: Protecting Interests of Handloom Industry
Article By D. Narasimha Reddy, National Fibre Policy - Protecting Interests Of Handloom Industry, Indian Textiles & Garments Sector Envisioned Long-Term Growth Plan, Annual Textile Sector
The true cost of Cashmere: Sustainability inspires woolen fabrics
Cashmere wool is the best sustainable & renewable fibre protecting from surrounding rudiments & will retain its form for many years, even for generations.
Sugarcane fibres: Eat it or Knit it!
Use of sugarcane bagasse in apparel industry has its own unique advantages. Sugarcane fibre is an abundant natural fibre and that is why its demand is rising.
The Green Fashion Challenge
Article By New Cloth Market, The Green Fashion Challenge, Overview Of The Current State Of Eco Fashion, 2009 The International Year Of The Natural Fibres And Stella Mccartney Listed Most Influencial
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