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Know your rayon
Rayon has the distinction of being the first man-made fibre developed in the wake of industrialisation of textiles, says Dr Ashok Athalye.
Effect of Fibre & Nonwoven Fabric Properties on Acoustic Applications
In the present world, noise is a vital area of research. As noise causes a lot of problems in day-to-day life, it is important to control unwanted noise. A lot of products were invented for reducing
Graphene, Novel Innovations Hold Key to Futuristic Smart Textiles
Clothing is one of the three basic needs of humans. Since the primitive age, man has been using textile for clothing in the forms of sailcloth, tent, ropes and other protective garments. However, back
Reviving the Art of Dotted Splendor 'Tangalia Fabrics'
Article By Fibre2fashion.Com On Reviving The Art Of Dotted Splendor Tangalia Fabrics, Tangaliya Is A Handicraft Practices In Gujarat And Worn By The Bharvad Women On Wedding. Tangaliya Motif Is Made
Natural Dyes
Natural Dyes
Aromatic and anti-bacterial fabrics from Japan
Omikenshi Co. Ltd - a Japanese based firm manufactures number of fibres that are quoted with materials obtained in a natural way and Environmental Safety. Sundia branded fibres, crabyon branded fibres
National Fibre Policy: Protecting Interests of Handloom Industry
Article By D. Narasimha Reddy, National Fibre Policy - Protecting Interests Of Handloom Industry, Indian Textiles & Garments Sector Envisioned Long-Term Growth Plan, Annual Textile Sector
Influence of Physical Characteristics of Wool Fibre on Dyeing
Wool Fibre Dyeing: Textile Wool Fibre is a natural fibre that is clipped from fleece wool. wool fibres were evaluated for their physical properties. Find Characteristics of Wool Fibre, Wool Dyeing
Innovative Fibres
Innovative Fibres
Metallic Fibres
Metallic Fibres by Anita. A. Desai - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - useful for Fibres Manufacturer, Fibres Importers, Fibres Exporter, Fibres Supplier, Fibres Company -
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