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Fibres of 21st Century
Fibres of 21st Century
Genetically Engineered Clothes - The Ethics of Synthetic Biology in Fashion
The fashion and technology sectors have been buzzing lately about high-tech fabrics obtained from biomaterials and genetically engineered microorganisms.
The Green Fashion Challenge
Article By New Cloth Market, The Green Fashion Challenge, Overview Of The Current State Of Eco Fashion, 2009 The International Year Of The Natural Fibres And Stella Mccartney Listed Most Influencial
Spin to weave the world with Lyocell
Lyocell Fiber Product: Lyocell has by far the best strength amongst fibres with a natural cellulose origin. Various Lyocell Fiber Products such as Lyocell Garments, Viscose Lyocell Fiber and Lyocell
'Turning Vision 20-20 Into Reality' The Mann Society
Article By Fibre2fashion On Turning Vision 20-20 Into Reality The Mann Society And Make Atmosphere And Nature Neat And Clean Main Objectives Of The Society Is Use Of Banana Fibres Into Eco Friendly
Textile Fibres
Article By Muhammad Aleem Ahmed, On The Textile Fibres And Classification Of Textile Fibres, As Fibres Are The Fundamental Units Or The Building Blocks Used In The Making Of Textile Yarns And Fabrics,
Micro Fibres
Article By K. J. Sivagnanam And K. P. Kathirvel On Micro Fibres As Micro Fibres Are Half The Diameter Of The Fine Silk Fibre And One Third Of The Diameter Of Cotton. Fabrics Made From Micro Fibres Are
Eco-Friendly Fibres
Eco Friendly Fibers: Demand of Eco Friendly Fibre Fabrics Clothing is being increased. There are many kind of Eco Friendly Fibers,Eco Fibers such as Eco spun fibre, Soy silk fibre, Recycled polyester
Dyeing with herbs: Infusing medicine into textiles
A group of weavers in Kerala is charting a new chapter in sustainable textiles by making their own version of medicinal clothing using their traditional way.
Man-Made Fibres
Read the article about man-made fibres and man-made cellulose fibres. cuprammonium fibres as the principle had been the basis in Germany for the production, initially of incandescent bulbs (1891),
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