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Coffee Ground Fibre – A Most Worthwhile Fibre
Fabrics made from coffee ground fibre, seaweed, pineapple leaves or recycled plastic bottles are so important as they are the foundation of the fashion industry's greener future.
Modification in Blow Room: Pull Room Concept
After the cotton fruit is plucked from plants, the fibres and the seeds undergo the ginning process. In the ginning machines, the main focus is to separate cotton fibres from seeds. But somehow, a few
Man-Made Fibres
Read the article about man-made fibres and man-made cellulose fibres. cuprammonium fibres as the principle had been the basis in Germany for the production, initially of incandescent bulbs (1891),
Developments in the Processing of Lyocell Fabrics
Developments In Processing Of Lyocell Fabrics Defined As Regenerated Cellulosic Fibre Obtained By Spinning Of Dissolved Wood Pulp In Organic Solvent, NMMO-N-Methyl-Morphaline-N-Oxide Derived From
Filter Fabric
Article By Mahantesh. Nimbargi And Umesh Taklikar, Filter Fabrics Available In Natural & Synthetic Fibres - Staple Yarn, Focus On Filter Fabric As Main Its Fabric Manufacturing Technique, Non
Natural Braided Rug Materials
Natural Braided Rug Materials, Classic Braided Rug, Yarns, Fabrics Woolen Yarns, Cloth Scraps, Early Rug Weavers. Use Of Renewable Materials, Bamboo, Hemp, Jute Renewable Fiber Source Bamboo Very High
Natural plant dyes
There are many Plant Materials that can be used for dyeing yarns and materials: roots, bark, leaves, berries and seeds. Natural Plant Dyes can be poured down the drain with running water.
Applications of Jute on its Overviews
Properties of jute - jute is one of the most versatile natural fibres. Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmental friendly. It has high tensile strength, low
Tracking the new cellulose fibres created with ionic liquid
The increasing Demand of cellulose fibres in Textile Industry is predicted to reach 133.5 meter by 2030. The properties of cellulosic fibres are like sustainability and breathability.
Natural Dyes, Our Global Heritage of Colours
Natural dyes and colorants are an essential part of the worlds ecological and cultural heritage. Natural Dyes and Colorants have played a major part in Economic and Cultural Exchanges between nations
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