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Interview: Jagdish Parihar, MD & Global Head Natural Fibres, Olam
Jagdish Parihar is the MD & Gobal Head Natural Fibres of Olam. Jagdish Parihar share his views on which countries you sell the natural fibres and also share status of production of natural fibres in
Interview: Eamonn Tighe, Fibres and Nonwovens - Business Development Manager, Nature Works LLC
Eamonn Tighe is the Business Development Manager of Nature Works LLC shares the organizational structure and plans, the development and application of Ingeo bio-polymers, its specialties and market
Interview: Mr Kenneth C Barker, CEO & Board Member, Naturally Advanced technologies (NAT)
Mr Kenneth C Barker is CEO & Board Member of Naturally Advanced Technologies and Mr Kenneth Barker throws light on immense potential of Bast Fibres as cotton substitute.
Interview: Severin Bertsch, Head of Fibre Business, AMSilk
AMSilk GmbH is a leading industrial supplier of silk biopolymers. Head of Fibre Business Severin Bertsch annotates key factors leading to a growing demand of biopolymers and discusses its important
Interview: Mr Hartmann Huth, Chairman - Staples Fibres division, Trevira GmbH
Mr Hartmann Huth is the Chairman - Staples Fibres division of Trevira GmbH.In an Interview,Management Dialogue With TechnicalTextile.Net. Mr Hartmann Huth Highlight some of the recent technology
Interview: Mr. Shailendra K Jain, Global Director, Pulp & Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group
Interview of Mr. Shailendra K Jain, Global Director, Pulp & Fibre Business of Aditya Birla Group Latest Interview by Face2face Team Fibre2fashion.com - One of the leading b2b portal and marketplace of
Interview: Mr S Golam Shibly Nomany, Chairman, Natural Group
Mr S Golam Shibly Nomany is the Chairman of Natural Group. Mr S Golam Shibly Nomany speaks about RMG industry in Bangladesh presently.
Interview: Dr. Haio Harms, Executive Chairman, Kelheim fibres
Dr. Haio Harms is the Executive chairman of Kelheim fibres. Dr. Haio Harms discussing on flocking of textile and suggest the steps should be taken to increase the production of biodegradable fibres
Interview: Jane Palmer, Founder, Nature Coatings
US-based Nature Coatings transforms wood waste into high performing black pigments. Founder Jane Palmer explains to Hiral Oza why and how wood waste is the new black.
Interview: Walter Roggenstein, Head of R&D, Kelheim Fibres GmbH
A Talk with Walter Roggenstein from Kelheim Fibres GmbH.Walter Roggenstein on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Kelheim Fibres GmbH specialized in Viscose specialty fibres having headquarter in .
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