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Organic cotton A sustainable choice
The cost of production and purchasing conventional cotton is less, but for the well-being of the land and farm workers, organic cotton is the best choice. Read More
Organic Cotton and Sustainable Fashion
Rising awareness among consumers and retailers has induced fashion brands and retailers to introduce apparel lines produced from organic cotton.
Sustainable cotton: Seeding an idea
GM seeds have a 95% monopoly on the seed market, making it almost impossible for small-scale farmers who want to cultivate Fairtrade or organic cotton to source non-GM seeds. A seed breeding project
An Update on Cotton Price
Cotton is the most valuable product of the textile and fashion industry. Since the beginning of the textile industry, cotton has always been the game-changer. Cotton fits into any textile and apparel
The sought after: Organic Cotton
The sought after: Organic Cotton
Genetically Engineered Clothes - The Ethics of Synthetic Biology in Fashion
The fashion and technology sectors have been buzzing lately about high-tech fabrics obtained from biomaterials and genetically engineered microorganisms.
Vegan Clothing Trends Of 2020
Vegan Trends. A new decade is now closer than ever. A lot has changed in multiple areas over the years and fashion trends are no exception. Ideas are constantly being introduced, transformed, and
Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton
Organic Transplant
India is on the verge of becoming the largest cotton producer in the world with 70% of cotton production & also the second-largest producer of silk in the world.
White gold, green future
Cotton, by & large, is the fibre that the textiles & apparel industry is made of. In this article Subir Ghosh highlight’s some trends that may decide cotton's future.
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