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"Woven with Love" organic clothing trends enter a new era
Sustainable Clothing :: Organic fashion by organic clothing. Why choose sustainable clothing and organic clothing for sustainable fashion, organic fashion, eco fashion and green fashion clothing.
Street style for kids
A cursory glance at the fashion statement of celebrity kids tells you that street fashion is here to stay even among this age group, says Sweta Kumari.
GOTS Label: The Most Comprehensive Organic Label in Textile and Clothing Market
Organic Labels - To save the environment, innumerable initiatives have been taken from governments and NGOs globally.
Sustainable fashion: Polyester vs cotton
comparison between Cotton Fabrics and Polyester Fabrics are given. Cotton Fabrics is natural which consumes energy. Polyester Fabrics are synthetic. It r is more stain-resistant. Organic cotton is
Role of Supply Chain in Indian Organized Retail Sector
The Indian Supply Chain Council Have Been Formed To Explore The Challenges That A Retailer Faces And To Find Possible Solutions For India. Indian Retailer Is Trying To Reduce Transportation Costs And
Future of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Organizations
Enterprise Resource Planning Software: ERP Software has become an integral part of business today due to its proven benefits and huge capacities. Today small and medium size organization using small
AYURVASTRA - An Eco Friendly Textile
Ayurvastra cloth is made of 100% pure organic cotton and also completely free from synthetic chemicals & toxic irritants & is totally organic, sustainable & biodegradable. AYURVASTRA is
Indian Organized Retailing: Ready for the paradigm shift
Indian Organized Retailing: Ready for the paradigm shift
How a Logistics Audit Can Identify Bottlenecks and Improvements for Organizations
Logistics and Transportation : How Logistics Audit Can Identify Improvements for Organizations. Find out more about Logistics and Transportation for Organizations.
Marry Your Exhibitors - (For Show Organizers Only)
Marry Your Exhibitors - (For Show Organizers Only)
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