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Organic Initiative opens more than 11,000 stores in US, United States Of America
Organic Initiative (Oi) has announced its expansion to more than 11,000 stores in the US. The company is focused on removing plastic, synthetics, and chemicals from hygiene products. Oi's range
Oi launches Oi Girl line of feminine hygiene products, United States Of America
Highlighting its ongoing growth and commitment to providing superior certified organic hygiene products, Organic Initiative (Oi) has launched its new Oi Girl line of products. San Antonio-based H-E-B
Women hit hard by COVID-19 impact on garment sector: ILO, Bangladesh
The impact of COVID-19 on garment sector women has worsened due to underlying challenges, including discrimination and harassment, underrepresentation of women’s voice, wage gaps and unevenly shared
Positive change in Cambodian garment sector due to ILO BWP, Cambodia
Cambodian factories receiving the full package of services by Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) achieved improvements in compliance systematically above the industry average, say findings by BFC that
Slowdown in G20 trade restrictions due to COVID-19: WTO, Switzerland
A slowdown has been observed in the number and coverage of trade-restrictive and trade-facilitating measures on goods implemented by G20 countries between mid-May and mid-October 2020, primarily as a
UK guidance for retailers to prepare for end of transition, United Kingdom
The UK department for business, energy and industrial strategy recently released information and guidance for the retail sector to prepare for the end of the transition period of the United Kingdom's
Indonesia launches Decent Work Country Programme 2020-2025, Indonesia
Responding to the fast changing world of work in Indonesia, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country recently launched a Decent Work Country Programme 2020-2025. Its three priorities
9.2% fall in retail trade in 2020, 7.2% rise in 2021: WTO, Switzerland
The World Trade Organisation has forecast a 9.2 per cent fall in the volume of world merchandise trade for 2020, followed by a 7.2 per cent rise in 2021. The projected decline is less than the 12.9
Germany's €14.5 mn to ILO to aid COVID-hit garment workers, Switzerland
The German ministry for economic cooperation and development is giving €14.5 million to an International Labour Organisation multi-donor programme to help garment sector workers hit by COVID-19 in
APAC garment units suffer as COVID hits supply chain: ILO, Bangladesh
The COVID-19 crisis has badly hit the garment sector in the Asia-Pacific,with retail sales plummeting in key export markets and workers and enterprises throughout supply chains getting affected,
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