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Lackluster week for polyester/nylon composite filament, China
In the past week, market of polyester / nylon composite filament continued to be flat and the overall market conditions displayed lackluster, though product prices consolidated. In Shengze market,
Island filament price stable in Shengze market, China
In the past week (October 12 to 18), island filament price in Shengze market was quite stable, but trade volume enlarged from the previous week, mainly due to strong demand from the polyester market.
Daily quotation of various textile materials on Jan 12, China
On Monday, January 12, PTA, MEG prices consolidated, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices showed weak adjustment; CDP slice price looked stable; PET bottle chip price temporarily stabilized...
Daily quotation of various raw materials on Feb 9, China
PTA spot prices increased slightly on Monday and MEG prices also moved higher amid adjustment. Semi-dull and bright polyester chips and CDP slice prices moved upwards along with that of PET bottle
Oerlikon Barmag makes mother yarn process profitable , Switzerland
Oerlikon Barmag along with WinFors winder has designed a spinning system especially for manufacturing mother yarn to improve profitability.For mother yarn made from polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA),
Weekly textile raw materials price round up, China
MEG price fell back slightly, semi-dull and super bright polyester chips were stable, CDP chip price consolidated and PET bottle chip price remained .....
Sales at RadiciGroup slip 1.3% in 2015, Italy
Consolidated sales at Italian producer of polyamides and polyester fibres RadiciGroup slipped 1.3 per cent from a year ago period to €1,011 million in 2015; however, volumes climbed 3 per cent over
Daily quotation of various textile materials, China
This Monday, on March 17, PTA price moved upward, MEG price was in consolidation. Semi-dull, bright polyester chips, CDP slices increased in price, PET bottle price was in temporary correction...
Daily quotation of various textile materials on Mar 31, China
This Monday, on March 31, market sentiment of PTA, MEG remained calm; prices were temporarily stable. Semi-dull and bright polyester chips were steady, CDP price were in correction, PET bottle slice
Cotton yarn market remain steady on Nov 20, China
On Monday, November 26, PTA price remained steady, MEG price fell further; prices of semi-dull, bright polyester chips, PSF price and CDP slice were adjusted. PET bottle slice price was dull...
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