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Polyester, fiber & manmade yarns prices shoot up sharply in Asia, Indonesia
All across Asia, markets are being forced to adapt higher man made fibre prices despite reported overcapacity in polyester staple fiber production in
Thin market keeps filament trade flat, China
PTA prices were stable, MEG prices fell further, semi-bright and bright polyester chips moved downward with inertia, prices of CDP showed consolidation and PET bottle...
Wellman reports additional charge for settlement of class action lawsuits, United States Of America
New Jersey based textile polymer products, textile fiber, staple, polyester and resins for packaging maker company Wellman Inc announced that it will
PET bottle slice sector shows sluggish trend - May 26, China
Yesterday, PTA, MEG prices moved up, semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices increased, CDP chip prices slightly lifted ...
Indo Rama Synthetics Q1 sales zoom 45% , India
Indo Rama Synthetics (I) Ltd, India’s largest dedicated Polyester manufacturer announced its Q1 results for the quarter ending June 30th, 2007.
Textile quotations in domestic markets on Nov 8, China
On November 8, 2006, in domestic textile material markets, PTA and MEG prices went up, prices of semi-dull and bright polyester chips and CDP
Daily textile materials price quotation - Jan 15, China
Today, PTA, MEG prices grew steadily, semi-dull, bright polyester chips declined slightly, CDP prices were dull, and PET bottle chip prices went
RIL H1 production volumes of PFY,PSF & PET reach 549,000 tons, India
Country's leading polyester fibres (PFY and PSF) maker Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) having 50 percent market share, has registered a 7 percent
Teijin Fibers & Teijin Techno Products to be splitting companies, Japan
Teijin Limited (“Teijin”) announces that its Board of Directors resolved, at a meeting held on December 18, 2009, to split the current polyester raw m
Colman now sells Royal Thread in kits, United States Of America
Colman and Company the exclusive U.S. seller of Royal brand polyester thread now offers four different kits of Royal’s top 100 popular colors each con
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