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Anti-microbial & blood-repellent finishes on surgical fabrics
Functional finishes to surgical fabrics for blood repellency and anti-microbial action boost the protection level for doctors in a hospital, say N Mekala and Dr J Srinivasan.
Indian PET Market
Indian PET Market
Enzyme technology for functionalisation of polyester
Enzyme technology has been profitable in industrial textile pre-treatment processes of natural fibres. These processes include desizing, scouring & degumming.
Characteristics and Use of Man-made Fibres
Textile fibres have different applications depending on their characteristics and special properties. Pradeep Kulshrestha presents an overview. Textile fibres have different applications depending on
Dyeing polyester
Polyester Dyeing Industry is showing growth in India. Polyester fabric dyeing demand will remain on rise due to its various benefits. Read to know more.
Polyester microfibres
Polyester Microfibres offer higher levels of value addition in the Textile Supply Chain. Lightweight Silks & Wovens, Peach Skins & Sudes, Woven Spotswear are Microfibre Processing Flow
Polyester by 2010
Article By Anant Kishore On Polyester By 2010 The 11th International Conference Indian Petrochem 2009 Was Organized By Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturers Association. And Polyester By 2010
Surface Modification of Polyester - A Tool to Study Polyester
Uses of Polyester - polyester is one of the versatile manmade fibres finding its use from apparel to industrial field.
Dyeing of Polyester with Natural Dyes
Dyeing Of Polyester With Natural Dyes, Natural Dyes Are Used For Colouration Of Textile, Food, Drugs And Cosmetics, Natural Dyes Are Mostly Used To Dye Natural Fibres Like, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Jute
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part I
Article By Hiral Shah, Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing, The Development Of Fibres From Polyester Have Come A Full Circle Since Scientists At Ici, Uk, First Produced Dimethyl
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