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Green Eco-Friendly Polyester
Eco-Friendly polyester clothing is dependent upon the feasibility of collection, sorting, and compatibility of resulting mixtures to produce economically viable products.
Dyeing of Polyester with Natural Dyes
Dyeing Of Polyester With Natural Dyes, Natural Dyes Are Used For Colouration Of Textile, Food, Drugs And Cosmetics, Natural Dyes Are Mostly Used To Dye Natural Fibres Like, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Jute
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part I
Article By Hiral Shah, Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing, The Development Of Fibres From Polyester Have Come A Full Circle Since Scientists At Ici, Uk, First Produced Dimethyl
Biodegradable Polyesters and their Applications
Several Biodegradable Polyesters Have Been Extensively Studied For A Wide Variety Of Pharmaceutical And Biomedical Applications. In Bioresorbable Implants Such As Orthopedic Fixations Or Sutures, The
Recycled Polyester for Sustainable Growth
Textile industry's sustainability growth can be achieved by Recycled Polyester,recycled polyester fabric, recycled polyester fiber & recycled polyester yarn.
High viscosity polyester
High Viscosity Polyester is production processes for High Viscosity Polyester are driven by two fast growing market segments the Packaging Materials especially the Polyester Bottles and the technical
Polyester vs Polypropylene
Polyester vs Polypropylene
Global Polyester market outlook till 2020
In this article we will understand how global polyester market will behave till the year 2020. Read the article to get the complete market outlook.
Scouring of Polyester by an Eco-Friendly Route
Scouring of Polyester by an Eco-Friendly Route
Indian Polyester Chain: An Overview
Polyester Chain Report - global happening along with the fundamentals of Polyester Chain along with the details of Indian Polyester Chain.
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