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Surplus polyester production in China
Surplus polyester production in China is possible because of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing. Growth of polyester demand in China has amassed surplus polyester compared to the global demand.
Chemical modification of polyester [PET]
Chemical modification of polyester [PET] by Aravin Prince. P - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel
Comparison of Polyester Industries in China and India
Comparison of Polyester Industries in China and India
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part V
Article By Hiral Shah, Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing-Part V, Oligomers, Partially Filtered On The Fabric Surface And Form Molecular Groups That Retain, To An Anomalous Degree,
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part VI
Article By Hiral Shah On Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing As The Complete Removal Of The Oligomers Is Not Possible, But They Can Be Partly Eliminated And Also Describes The Process
Polyester Market foresees high capacity & tight margins
Market Analysis of Polyester Value Chain Products - Polyester Market will have tough road ahead and Analysis of Polyester Prices trends.
Problems and Their Remedies in Polyester Processing-Part IV
Article By Hiral Shah Problems And Their Remedies In Polyester Processing, Improper Dyeing Can Be Traced To Improper Heat Setting And The Latest Machines Handle A Wide Range Of Fabrics Including PET
Abrasion Resistance of Polyester Air-Jet Yarns
Polyester Air Jet Yarns - Air jet spinning is related to the influence of fibre properties and process parameters on yarn structures and ultimate properties.
Sustainable fashion: Polyester vs cotton
comparison between Cotton Fabrics and Polyester Fabrics are given. Cotton Fabrics is natural which consumes energy. Polyester Fabrics are synthetic. It r is more stain-resistant. Organic cotton is
Polyester /Viscose - Economic Uniform
The increase in cotton price has led to price increase of VSF and PSF to an extent. However, rising petroleum prices had made Polyester prices historical high.
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