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PSF after-treatment production line passes inspection in Thailand
Autumn is a harvest season, at which time PSF after-treatment production line with annual output 30,000 tons has passed inspection and has gone to operation in Thailand after high speed spun-laced
Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. overseas after-sales service
In 2011, Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. supplied draw line equipment including creel, draw frames, immersion baths, steam boxes, annealer, tow stacker, dryer etc., for use in polyester staple fibre
Dyeing of Polyester / Cotton Fibers with Vinyl Sulphone Disperse / Reactive Dyes
Dyeing of Polyester Fibre, Vinyl Sulphone Reactive Dyes use of reactive disperse the advantages of these dyes stem from their excellent wet fastness and good coverage of the fiber with conventional
Rising demand for PET resin, Polyester fibres, and Antifreeze to drive the Global MEG Market
Polyethylene PET polymer is a versatile chemical which is harmonious with water significant raw material for Polyester and Polyethylene PET polymer.Read More
Sulphur black dyeing in cotton and polyester cotton blend quality in different dyeing machine
Sulphur Dyeing, Sulpher Black Dyeing is used for dyeing of cotton and in market it is available in powder and liquid form. Continuous Dyeing Machine is used for Cotton Twill quality (Drill quality).
CASE STUDY : Processing characteristics of micro polyester fibers in the COM4® staple fiber spinning mill
CASE STUDY : Processing characteristics of micro polyester fibers in the COM4® staple fiber spinning mill
Study of Moisture Management Finish on Woven Fabrics
Water Absorbency Fabric - Based on the test results, Microdenier polyester fabrics and Cotton exhibits good in wicking, wetting and water absorbency characteristics than Polyester / Cotton blend and
Dyeing of polyester/cotton fibers with reactive AZO disperse dyes in one batch processes dyeing
Dyeing of Polyester Fibers, Dyeing of Cotton Fibers with Reactive AZO Disperse Dyes in One Batch Processes Dyeing. Providing information on batch dyeing process used for dyeing textile materials.
Challenges Facing the World Cotton Market
Article By Terry Townsend On Challenges Facing The World Cotton Market And World Cotton Industry Is In The Midst Of A Period Of Retrenchment After A Decade Of Extraordinary Growth And Marketing
Sewing Threads & their Technical Applications
Sewing threads small diameter yarns satisfy the needs of end use applications in many technical textile aspects. Know different types of industrial sewing threads qualities and their technical
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