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Fabric of the Future: Textile Batteries
Article By Fibre2fashion.Com On Fabrics Of The Future That Will Be Used In The Textile Batteries For That A Successful Method Has Come Up Wherein A Special Ink Made Of Carbon Nanotubes Are Used To
PET Outlook - 2008
Read Article on Polyethylene Terephthalate - PET Global Market Scenario, Overview of Polyester Fiber and Filament Industry and PET Industry Statistics. In last quarter of 2008 Chinese government
Success Story: Ring spinning system G 32 - the first choice for mixed yarn production
Rieter's customer Sharmanji Yarns Pvt Ltd faced a high demand for its well-known polyester/cotton yarn. To increase production, the company decided to invest in a ring spinning system G 32. The
Modal - Perfect fit for sportswear
Clothing comfort or the sense of coolness/warmth is one of the important parameters of sportswear. Read, why Modal Polyester is the best fit for sportswear.
Continuous Dyeing-S.D.C. Concept
Continuous Dyeing-S.D.C. Concept, Continuous Dyeing Of Cotton, Polyester & Their Blends Is Gaining Importance Indian Textile Industry & The Challenges Faced From The Global Competition,
Effects of Lipid Removing by Lipase on Physical Properties of Cotton Fabrics
Lipid Removing effects by Lipase Treatment of Cotton Fabrics and Lipase Treatment on Polyester Fabrics. Learn more about effects of Lipid Removal by Lipase on Physical Properties of Cotton Fabrics at
Different Types of Clothing Labels
Article on Types of Clothing Labels, Types of Clothing Tags and types of Apparel Labels is the pieces of paper made from printed, woven or embroidered with cotton or polyester threads. Types of
Burlington Worldwide (BWW) is a business unit of Greensboro, N.C.-based International Textile Group Inc. Cocona technology imbeds activated carbon from coconut shells into polyester or nylon
Using coarse wool through braiding machine for durable products
A braiding machine weaves strands of yarns to form rope, reinforced hose, covered power cords, types of laces by using cotton, polyester and nylon yarns.
Glow yarn for special effect textiles
Glow Yarn - special effect textiles which is developed by mixing extruding polyester chips with photo luminescent pigments. It consists of an inner conductive core yarn coated with an
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