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Designing apparels in matty fabrics
Matty Fabric is manufactured using 100% cotton and 100% polyester which are used for cushion cover and sofa covers for designing apparel. Different Attributes of Matty Fabric is softness and
Studies on Thermomigration of Disperse Dyes
Studies On Thermomigration Of Disperse Dyes, Thermomigration Is A General Term, Used To Describe The Diffusion Of Disperse Dyes Out Of Dyed Or Printed Polyester Fibre During Heat Treatments, And Their
Novel Properties of PLA Fibres
Article By K. J. Sivagnanam And K.P.Kathirvel On Novel Properties Of Pla Fibres, The Recent Development In The Family Of Polyester Is The Fibre Called Poly Trimethylene Terephthalate ( PTT ) And It
Asian PTA industry on a roller coaster ride:Forecasts for 2013
Asia PTA Industry: Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Is Used In Polyester Production and Strong Prices Hike in Asian PTA Industry. Asian PTA Manufacturers Would Plan For A Higher Plant Utilization
Organic Textiles Taking Off
Article By New Cloth Market, Organic Textiles Taking Off, Organic Cotton Textiles May Be Finished Using Harsh Chemical Dyes, Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer Patagonia, Offered Recycled Polyester Fleece,
The Development of New Disperse Dye Inks for Inkjet Textile Printing
Disperse Dye Inks: Disperse Dye Inks, Disperse Dye Inkjet are used for Textile Printing of Polyester fabrics. Disperse Dye Printing, Inkjet printing system has not only been used at home but also
Eco-Friendly Fibres
Eco Friendly Fibers: Demand of Eco Friendly Fibre Fabrics Clothing is being increased. There are many kind of Eco Friendly Fibers,Eco Fibers such as Eco spun fibre, Soy silk fibre, Recycled polyester
The new textile technology
Fire Resistant Fibers, Pure Carbon Fibers, Construction Materials are Part of New Textile Technology. Artificial arteries made of knitted polyester textile tubes are used for many patients whose
Fabric from Worn Clothing Recycled
This Article Describes About Fabric From Worn Clothing Recycled I.E Recycled Fabric As Sustainable Clothing Is Made Of A Diverse Web Of Organic And Natural Fibers. Recycling Polyester Means Using Less
Eco-friendly Flame Retardant (FR) Pet Fibers through P-N Synergism
Eco-Friendly Flame Retardant (FR) Pet Fibers Through P-N Synergism, Polyester Major Constituent Among Synthetic Fiber Industry. Graft Co-Polymerization Of Nitrogenous Vinyl Monomers Carried Out On
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