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Make way for 3D printing
Article on 3d printing Process developed in 1980 and 3d Printing Advantages also known as Additive manufacturing. 3d Printing Manufacturing Costs and benefits of Additive manufacturing is it take less
Trends to dye for
Sustainability in the textiles and apparel industry is determined to a large extent by the way the textile processing sector is shaping up. It works both ways: sustainability makes demands on
Pond scum's make Protective Textiles
Protective Textile is making from pond scum. Green algae are successful for make protective textile and useful in medical field for making bandages. Researcher believe that this Process of Protective
Plasma Processing For High End Technical Textiles
Plasma Technologies for Technical Textiles: Plasma Processing method is economical, flexible and versatile to make novel products with high added values. Coating and lamination technologies completely
The Steam Challenge-how to make the best out of older drum dryers
Maintaining the running cost of a plant at a low level is often the difference between profit and loss. By saving the excess energy which is normally wasted during the drying process on a drum dryer,
Ikat Weaving
Making Process Of Ikat, Ikat Fabrics Are Woven By Hand On Narrow Looms In A Labor-Intensive Process. In India There Are Many Kinds Of Ikats Weaving
Tobacco Dyes
Tobacco Dyes in Textile Industry - Fibres extracted from Tobacco Plants used in process of making Tobacco dyes with more than 30 vibrant shades.
Cutting edge denim washes and technologies
Denim washing process is necessary to fulfill the insatiable demand for jeans. Denim washes technologies make jeans made out PET bottles seem like passe.
Going Trouble Free with 'Self Cleaning Fabrics'
Self-cleaning technology can help in reducing the consumption of chemicals. The self-cleaning process makes fabrics repel water, resist stains and even kill off the bacteria that grow in sweat and
Glass Fibres Project Profitable Textile Applications
Article By Fibre2fashion, Glass Fibres Project Profitable To Textile Industry Applications, Make Glass Fibres For Textile Applications Is Novel Concept, Continuous Filament Process Where Filaments Of
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