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Covestro developing production process for CO2 based fibre, United States Of America
Covestro, the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University and various textile manufacturers, are developing a production process on an industrial scale for making a new breed of elastic
Felt Making: Famous Among the Textile Making Techniques
Article By Articlecircle.Com On Felt Making That Is Famous Among The Textile Making Techniques, This Process Is Hastened By The Presence Of An Alkaline Such As Soap, Today, The Felt Is Widely Used In
The Steam Challenge-how to make the best out of older drum dryers
Maintaining the running cost of a plant at a low level is often the difference between profit and loss. By saving the excess energy which is normally wasted during the drying process on a drum dryer,
Manchester University team makes scalable graphene yarn, United Kingdom
Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a process to produce scalable graphene-based yarn. The process by the team based at the National Graphene Institute has the potential to
New Spin Process for Spider Silk, Germany
AMSilk and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) join forces in the current development of a novel spin process for making high performance fibers from AMSilk’s spider silk
Make way for 3D printing
Article on 3d printing Process developed in 1980 and 3d Printing Advantages also known as Additive manufacturing. 3d Printing Manufacturing Costs and benefits of Additive manufacturing is it take less
Nano-Dye System makes exhaust dyeing of cotton sustainable, United States Of America
Winner of 2014 launch nordic global textile challenge for sustainable disruptive innovation to transform the system of textiles, fabric and fibre, the Nano-Dye Process is advancing exhaust dyeing to
Spirit AeroSystems making new R&D complex, United Kingdom
Spirit AeroSystems is building a new research and development complex at its manufacturing site in Prestwick, Scotland. Innovation efforts will focus on infusion processes for composites materials,
Pond scum's make Protective Textiles
Protective Textile is making from pond scum. Green algae are successful for make protective textile and useful in medical field for making bandages. Researcher believe that this Process of Protective
Plasma Processing For High End Technical Textiles
Plasma Technologies for Technical Textiles: Plasma Processing method is economical, flexible and versatile to make novel products with high added values. Coating and lamination technologies completely
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