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Ikat Weaving
Making Process Of Ikat, Ikat Fabrics Are Woven By Hand On Narrow Looms In A Labor-Intensive Process. In India There Are Many Kinds Of Ikats Weaving
Composites Europe to feature manufacturing processes, Germany
Manufacturing processes used to make fibre-reinforced plastics, from raw materials to processing methods to lightweight construction innovations in automotive engineering, aerospace, boatbuilding,
Bilateral trade with Portugal surges considerably, Brazil
Over the years, Brazil has become an open economy making bilateral trade processes with any country more smooth and profitable. The country has always...
Beading: Create and Bead-azzled ! from 22-Nov-2008 to 22-Nov-2008 at Cotswold Conference Centre,Cotswold,United Kingdom
Have you ever wanted to create unusual and exciting beads from a variety of throwaway materials? This workshop will guide you through the process of making beads from certain papers, fabrics, threads
Tobacco Dyes
Tobacco Dyes in Textile Industry - Fibres extracted from Tobacco Plants used in process of making Tobacco dyes with more than 30 vibrant shades.
Cutting edge denim washes and technologies
Denim washing process is necessary to fulfill the insatiable demand for jeans. Denim washes technologies make jeans made out PET bottles seem like passe.
Going Trouble Free with 'Self Cleaning Fabrics'
Self-cleaning technology can help in reducing the consumption of chemicals. The self-cleaning process makes fabrics repel water, resist stains and even kill off the bacteria that grow in sweat and
Glass Fibres Project Profitable Textile Applications
Article By Fibre2fashion, Glass Fibres Project Profitable To Textile Industry Applications, Make Glass Fibres For Textile Applications Is Novel Concept, Continuous Filament Process Where Filaments Of
Material Characterisation Study on Ramie Fibre Using DSC - TGA Method
During the making and processing of fibrous materials like ramie, various parameters are tightly controlled to impart the desired physical, mechanical and chemical properties to the end product.
ExactFlat & Simplicity Works to automate sewing process, Canada
ExactFlat, the leader in 3D to 2D flattening and digital patterning, has announced plans for a development and marketing agreement with Simplicity Works, to automate pattern making processes and
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