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Interview: Rene Molina, Global Product Manager, DuPont Industrial Biosciences
Dupont Industrial Biosciences works with customers across a wide range of industries to make products and industrial processes efficient and sustainable. Global product manager Rene Molina discusses
Electrospinning process to make nanofibers by UC Berkeley, United States Of America
Californian University UC Berkeley said for 72 years, scientists have been able to use electric fields to spin polymers into tiny fibers.
Oerlikon Barmag makes mother yarn process profitable , Switzerland
Oerlikon Barmag along with WinFors winder has designed a spinning system especially for manufacturing mother yarn to improve profitability.For mother yarn made from polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA),
Shell starts New Catalytic Process to make monoethylene glycol, Korea
Shell is delighted to announce the first start-up using its new Shell OMEGA (Only Mono-Ethylene Glycol Advanced) process technology. This
Sync’s QA module reduces errors in apparel making process , South Africa
Sync is fast becoming the PLM software system of choice for apparel businesses in South Africa, with over 80 SA Apparel brands, sourcing
NAT develops eco-friendly process for making hemp & bast fibres, United States Of America
Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc (NAT), a developer of proprietary technologies for processing and production of environmentally sustainable
Revolutionary eco-textile dye in the making , United Kingdom
A team of scientists, led by Dr Richard Blackburn at the University of Leeds, have developed a unique dyeing process that creates colored polymers ins
Korean Shoe making unit at KEPZ, Bangladesh
Recently, an agreement was inked between Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority and M/s Footwear Manufacturing Company Limited at the BEPZA Comp
A.T.E makes denim fabric processing go green , India
The denim industry is typically a guzzler of water. It also uses a significant quantity of chemicals in its processes and consumes a vast amount
Textile making in the early 19th century , United States Of America
I am the Director of Education at a small historic house in Brooklyn. We are currently in the process of creating an educational program about
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