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Eco-friendly textile processing
Article is based on Ecofriendly textile processing. The pressure from the public is growing as more retailers are responding to a rising demand for eco-friendly textile and apparel goods from
Textile wet processing
Fiber Wool Scouring involves the use of hot water and detergents to remove soil, vegetable impurities, grease and other contaminants from fibers.Wool Scouring uses water and alkali. Textile Wet
An Overview of Different Processes of Jeans Bleaching
An Overview of Different Processes of Jeans Bleaching
'EU's New RoO' how much does it influence clothing exporters?
New RoO by European Union for Clothing Exporters. RoO will benefit for RMG Exporters by eliminating two step process of making apparels and tariff benefits can be for imported fabrics. There will be
Applications of Enzymes in Textile Wet Processing
Textile Wet Processing: Applications of Enzymes in Textile Wet Processing and Textile Industries. Enzymes can be applied in several steps of textile wet processing and in formulation of detergent
Self-cleaning clothes
Cleaning Clothes, Self Cleaning Clothes are expected to be on the market within the next five years, according to the researchers. self cleaning materials are based on nano crystals making the surface
Process Analysis & Environmental Impacts of Textile Manufacturing
Read Article on Process Analysis Impacts of Textile Manufacturing, Environmental Impacts of Textile Manufacturing, Solid Waste Pollution in Textile Manufacturing, Water Pollution in Textile
Women"s Clothing - Making A Wise Choice
Women"s Clothing - Making A Wise Choice
The Design Process in Fashion Product Development
The quality apparel design process, design process in fashion clothing is essential for successful fashion apparel product
Effluent treatment in textile wet processing : Technology option and effluent treatment plant
Glimpse of Effluent treatment in Textile Wet Processing. Treat Waste, Toxic Waste, Dispersible Waste, High Volume Waste are Classification of Textile Wastes.
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