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Sequential coagulation studies for primary treatment
Read Article on Treatment of Textile Influent Substituting Acid Treatment, Sequential Clotting Studies for Textile Process, Sequential Coagulation Studies for Textile Process, Eco friendly Processing
The Need for Circular Processes
The nature of a circular economy makes trust and collaboration crucial, because each part of the value chain is connected.
Women’s casual clothing : Make a fashion statement
Women’s casual clothing : Make a fashion statement
Garment Making, Sewing Thread & Selection Criteria
The different types of Sewing Thread are used in Garment Making like Natural fiber threads, Cotton Threads, Synthetic threads and Combination fibers.
Dyeing Process of Jigger Dyeing Machine
Jigger dyeing machine is one of the oldest dyeing machines used for dyeing cloths and more suitable for dyeing of woven fabrics than dyeing of knitted fabrics.
Problems in Scouring for Cotton Textile Materials
Pretreatment of Cotton is the Scouring or alkaline boil-off process. Problems in Scouring of Cotton Textile Materials during saponification and emulsification processes.
Problems in Desizing Cotton Textile Materials
The desizing procedure of cotton Textile Materials depends on the type of size so that required to know what type of size is on the fabric before desizing. The different method of desizing cotton
No Stress Clothing to make you look good, fashionable and comfortable
No Stress Clothing to make you look good, fashionable and comfortable
Production Process for Pigment Dyed Garment
Pigment Dyeing - Pigment dyeing is a comparatively recent process for manufacturing pigment dyed garments, pigment dyed clothing and pigment dyed fabric. Pigment Dyeing Method provides stream line to
The New Mass Consumption, Consumers Want More at a Discount
Making Modern World With Mass Consumption - Consumers Want More at a Discount.
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