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PET bottles or soda cans, What are you wearing today?
Modeling is not just about having a pretty face, a lot goes into the making of a model, and that is just what this article attempts to tell you about. Read Now!
Problems in dyeing and their remedies
The art of Processing of Textiles today is well known to all processors. Dyeing Problems helps the processes as a ready recockener for avoiding these problems.Package density, Angle of winding,
Clothes maketh a man
Men have realised that they are also judged by how they look; therefore they have started giving importance to what they wear to make the right impression.
Nano Textiles: Manufacturing & Applications
Nano Textiles – Nano Textiles can be produced from variety of methods and Nano-textile manufacturing processes, Textile Nanotechnology and Application of Nano Textiles gives an overview about the
Make way for 3D printing
Article on 3d printing Process developed in 1980 and 3d Printing Advantages also known as Additive manufacturing. 3d Printing Manufacturing Costs and benefits of Additive manufacturing is it take less
'Stone' Washing Jeans: Cellulases
Read Article on Stone Washing Jeans, Stone Bio Wash Jeans and Process of Stone Washing. Freshly dyed jeans are loaded into large washing machines and tumbled with stones. Adding pumice stones gives
Best available techniques for wet processing in textile industry of Finland
Here's a background report by Finnish Environment Institute carried out in order to create an environmental impact profile for wet processing in Finland.
Cotton, cashmere, chemicals … what really goes into making our clothes?
Sensitised to growing concern, manufacturers are paying increased attention to hazardous substances in our wardrobe's supply chain, says Elizabeth Grossman.
Pond scum's make Protective Textiles
Protective Textile is making from pond scum. Green algae are successful for make protective textile and useful in medical field for making bandages. Researcher believe that this Process of Protective
Trends to dye for
Sustainability in the textiles and apparel industry is determined to a large extent by the way the textile processing sector is shaping up. It works both ways: sustainability makes demands on
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