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CPL & nylon chip prices remain unchanged, Asia
In Chinese market, Caprolactam (CPL) price remained steady around RMB ......
Investment in hemp sector up in 2010, China
China’s hemp textile industry received a combined investment of .....
SICA renamed as ‘Indian Cotton Federation’, India
Henceforth, the 31-year-old ‘South India Cotton Association’ (SICA), for cotton mills, growers, traders and brokers in Coimbatore,
PHMA to open Sourcing Office in New York, Pakistan
For decades, USA has been Pakistan's major trade partner. In 2009, USA was the destination of 18.3% of, Pakistan's total exports where
Textile-Industrial Forum ‘The Golden Ring’ to start tomorrow, Russia
The heads of the ministries and departments, the heads of the regional administrations, the representatives of Russian and foreign
Rieter Award 2010 – Prize Winners visit Switzerland, Switzerland
From 13 to 17 September 2010, the Rieter Award week was held in Winterthur for the 21st time. As is customary, also this year‘s Award
China releases one more cotton auction lot, China
China released another xxx,xxxx tons of state cotton reserves in the domestic market on ......
Benzene prices to make bigger move in October, Global
European benzene stock market as a whole, held steady on Wednesday, the market closed at .....
Salek Textile acquires denim plant, Bangladesh
Salek Textile Ltd is through with the, functionalities of acquiring Titas Spinning and Denim Company Ltd, an export-oriented denim
Teijin to roll out 100% Recycled Green Carpet at TIFF, Japan
Teijin Limited announced that for the third consecutive year it has produced an eco-friendly Green Carpet made of PET (polyethylene
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