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Interview: Abhishek Ganguly, MD, Puma India
Abhishek Ganguly is the MD of Puma India, talks about online shopping for sportswear products and strategies planned for the brand in India in an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion.com.
Interview: Abhishek Ganguly, MD, Puma India
A Talk with Abhishek Ganguly from Puma India.Abhishek Ganguly on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Puma India specialized in Software solutions having headquarter in Germany.
Interview: Vaanee Bhatia, Co-founder, Gritstones Clothing
Co-founder of Gritstones Clothing, Vaanee Bhatia speaks to Fibre2Fashion about the company's venture into the retail sector after its success in the online market.
Interview: Sarbajit Ghose, Managing director- India, Laguna Clothing
Sarbajit Ghose, Managing Director at Laguna Clothing, discusses the men's work wear niche and its growing prospects in a Face2Face Interview with Fibre2Fashion.
Interview: Buddhi Paranamana, GM-Innovation and Strategy, Hela Clothing
A $200 million company focusing on apparel manufacturing, design and innovation, Hela Clothing is headquartered in Sri Lanka. Buddhi Paranamana, GM—Innovation and Strategy, talks about technological
Interview: Sarbajit Ghose, Managing Director, Laguna Clothing
Laguna Clothing produces top quality shirts for menswear brands like Thomas Pink, Tommy Hilfiger and others. Managing Director Sarbajit Ghose tells Meher Castelino how the company has leveraged its
Interview: Mr Abhay Gupta, Executive Director, Blues Clothing Company
A Talk with Mr Abhay Gupta from Blues Clothing Company.Mr Abhay Gupta on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Blues Clothing Company specialized in Luxury fashion & Lifestyle and Home Interiors having
Interview: Mr. Badal Choudhary, CEO, Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.
A Talk with Mr. Badal Choudhary from Numero Uno Clothing Ltd..Mr. Badal Choudhary on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Numero Uno Clothing Ltd. specialized in Garment manufacture, supply and retail
Interview: Shishir Goenka, Founder, Fusion Clothing Company
A Talk with Shishir Goenka from Fusion Clothing Company.Shishir Goenka on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Fusion Clothing Company specialized in Knitted garments of organic cotton and bamboo
Interview: Tony Anzovino, Chief Sourcing and Merchandising Officer, Haggar Clothing Co
Haggar Clothing has grown from a manufacturer of men's fine dress pants and slacks into one of the most recognised apparel brands in the market. Chief sourcing and merchandising officer Tony Anzovino
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