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Interview: Keith Mcmillan, Founder & CEO, Bebop Sensors
Bebop Sensors’ smart fabrics allows for a new level of interaction between people and the clothes they wear. Keith McMillan, founder & CEO, Bebop Sensors, talks about the smart fabric sensor
Interview: Romney Evans, Co-Founder, True Fit
True Fit, intelligent data platform for apparel and footwear, helps users find clothes and shoes they will both love and keep. Romney Evans, Co-Founder, True Fit speaks to Fibre2Fashion about
Interview: Pratik Agarwal, Co-founder, Breya
Breya is a brand of Indo-Western clothes for women owned by ABP Apparels Pvt Ltd. Co-founder Pratik Agarwal shares the brand’s retail journey since its inception and the action plan for the next two
Interview: Daniel Odermatt, Senior Marketing and Product manager, Ventile
Ventile is a registered trademark used to brand a special high-quality woven cotton fabric first developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Daniel Odermatt,
Interview: Mr Frédéric Champalbert, General Manager Fashion, Lawson
Mr Mr Frederic Champalbert Is The General Manager Fashion Of Lawson And Mr Mr Frederic Champalbert Throws Light On The Present State Of Global Textile And Fashion Industry And Development In Business
Interview: Mr. Rolf Strebel, CEO, Stäubli Group
Mr. Rolf Strebel is the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of Staubli Group. Mr. Rolf Strebel talks about the revolutionary makeovers in the textile machinery sector and his company's sustainability
Interview: Sven Ghyselinck, CEO, Devan Chemical
Devan Chemicals develops speciality chemicals for textiles. It is a leading innovator in the fields of protection, performance, thermoregulation, health and wellness, and fibres and yarns. CEO Sven
Interview: Mr Bodo Bölzle, CEO, AMANN GROUP
Mr Bodo Bölzle Is The CEO Of Amann Group And Mr Bodo Bölzle Speaks About The Current Happenings In Textile And Garment Industry, As Well As Market Size And Trends In Thread Industry And Textile,
Interview: Mr Claudio Taiana, President, MarediModa
Mr Claudio Taiana Is The President Of Maredimoda Association And Mr Claudio Taiana Edifies Present Movements In European Beachwear Fabrics And Accessories Industry
Interview: Oliver Schmitz, Senior Sales Director, Gmöhling
Germany-based Gmöhling is a leading manufacturer of aluminium containers for different industrial purposes. Senior sales director Oliver Schmitz converses about what has changed and what has stayed
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