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Europe's Back
Keeping traditional skills and finding new skills-that's the challenge as the European textiles and apparel industry shows signs of revival.Many professionals in Asia believe that the textiles and
Key to Ending Poverty
A global research project based on data from 1800 to 2018 by Gherzi Textil Organisation, Switzerland, and Gapminder Foundation, Sweden has come up with remarkable findings that would go a long way in
Kanchi Still Weaving Jobs
Read Article on Positive Impact of Recession on silk industry Job, South India Silk Industry Scenario and Hike in Silk Demand. The global slow down is having a positive effect, at least on one
Skill development in retail
Gurgaon-based business consulting group Wazir Advisors takes a look at the status of skill development for the Indian retail sector. The retail sector is having one of the highest incremental
Nanofiber webs from electrospinning
Production process of and quality control of Nanofiber Webs present some special challenges because of the small fibres and low basis weights, traditional on-line QC methodologies and novel method
Recession Cannibalizes more Indian Textile Jobs
Article on the Recession effect on the India textile industry and apparel manufacturing companies and increment in the unemployment ration due to the Recession.
Problems faced by working women in the preferred dresses
The working women require clothes that are Problem Free Work Dress such stylish, Comfort Job Attire. Preferred Work Dress, Working Women Attire are Salwar-Kameez, free hang of dupatta (kameez), tying
Impact of recession in American economy on India
Article is based on Impact of Recession in American Economy on India. It emphasis on Stock markets & recession, Current crisis in the US, Impact of an American Recession on India, Counter
Recession Blues Infect Textile Jobs in India
Read Importance Information on Impact of Recession on Indian Textile Industry Jobs, Ashok Bhagat Opinion on Textile Jobs Scenario, Steps to Be Taken to Overcome Recession and Crisis and Insulate the
Sops Won't Spur Textiles as Global Consumption Drops
Read Article on Current Job Scenario in Textile Industry, Possibility of Layoff in Textile Industry and Impact of Recession on Textile Industry. With global apparel consumption hitting rock bottom and
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