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Be Kind, Recycle: VHS Tapes Turned Fabric
Although exploring fibers that can be made from renewable, natural materials has great environmental benefits, the natural world isn’t the only place to look for eco-friendly materials. Instead of
Futuristic Fabrics to Watch For in 2020
New fabrics are shaping the future of fashion. Here are a few you can expect to see in 2020. Fashion-forward brands and suppliers are always looking for ways to create fabrics that will last longer
The Truth About Textile Recycling
Textile recycling is starting to catch on, but are all fibres equally recyclable? In previous posts, we covered the pollution crisis caused by excessive textile production and waste around the globe.
Recycle Textiles Waste
Article on recycle textile waste, Types of Textile Waste, Advantages of Textile waste Recycling, waste handling, Comparison of recycling garment methods and conversion of new textile products from
A Sea Change for Synthetic Fibres & Plastics
Adrian Wilson charts some of the latest advances in the recycling of fibres and plastics for a circular economy. The entire plastics industry has its origins in synthetic fibres and effectively came
Transforming Food Waste into Fashion
Sustainable apparel fabric suppliers are taking advantage of a remarkable new source of material: agricultural waste, the discarded byproducts from the cultivation of orange, banana, sugarcane, and
So, what do you do with shoddy yarn?
The textile industry has generally been thrifty with resources, yet a large proportion of unnecessary waste is produced. One of the biggest problems is management of this solid waste. Developing value
Sustainable Fashion for a Safer Environment
Mother Earth is crying out and it is high time we listen to the call, says th Founder-CEO of bag brand Baggit, Nina Lekhi. Increasing pollution, climatic changes, global warming, ozone layer depletion
2019 Recap: Sustainable Fashion in Review
This year, some new, key players entered the sustainable fashion scene. Here are some trends you may have missed. About 10% of the 300 million tons of plastic we produce each year ends up floating in
Innovations: The Green Rush
Far away from the public glare in research centres and labs around the world, thousands of textile engineers, chemists and other specialists are continually inventing, testing and adapting green
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