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Future Spinning Technology: Compact Spinning
In the past a number of new spinning technologies have been introduced to compete with ring spinning. While some has application in specific markets
Best Home furnishings —Individuality in five days only
More than 2,400 styles in over 800 fabrics and leathers - these figures already reflect at first glance the incredible diversity one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world is offering.
Origin and History of Clothing
Several millennia ago, people used to live naked without a shred of shame or shyness and didn't even consider wearing something like clothes. Then someone noticed that people could put an animal's fur
Singeing fundamentals
Gas Singeing Machine, Plate Singeing Machine , Rotary Cylinder Singeing Machine are types of Singeing Machines. Singed Fabrics allow printing of fine intricate patterns with high clarity and detail.
Machines Used in Lingerie Making
Modern lingerie making machines have changed the trend of innerwear and established it as attractive, stylish, innovative.
Quality and Productivity Improvement in Apparel Industry
Sewing defects in apparel production are usually caused by errors arising from wrong functioning of sewing machines. Fabric defects in apparel production are usually caused by errors arising from the
Fashion designer's perspective on fashion sewing
Classification of Fashion Sewing - Fashion Sewing is classified into two categories: Tailor stitching and Designer stitching. A tailor stitched outfit fits fairly and looks okay. Designers give more
Investing in Human Capital
Much has been discussed about the need for automation and information technology (IT) to speed up and improve the apparel manufacturing process, and great strides have been made due to the research
The Thread Revolution
Yarns and threads as conductors of electricity and dataWith its smart yarns, the Amann Group provides textile solutions for areas of application that go well beyond sewing and embroidery threads. At
Starting a Home Sewing Business - Take It One Stitch at a Time
Starting a Home Sewing Business - Take It One Stitch at a Time
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