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Ultra Low Liquor Dyeing of Cotton Hanks
Hank Dyeing Machines and NITRA Ultra Low Liquor Dyeing machine of Cotton Hanks. Dyeing of cotton hanks using ultra low liquor dyeing machine developed by NITRA the Hank Dyeing dyeing machines, Hank
Is Importing Textile Machinery from Europe a Good Idea
European Textile Machinery - Importing Europe textile machineries is great deal, European textile machinery fulfills requirements and long lasting. Many global companies are importing textiles
Types and Technical Application of Sewing Threads
Article on Sewing Threads importance in our life. We cant imaging our life without garment and threads. Selection of right type of Threads its very important because of color and design and look of
The worst of times are over
The European textiles industry may have finally been able to shrug off the sluggishness that had been holding it back since the end of the Multi-Fibre Agreement. Jozef De Coster spoke to industry
Textile Finishing: Italian Machines Are The Leaders In This Sector
Textile Finishing: Italian Machines Are The Leaders In This Sector
Study of Air Consumption on Air Jet Weaving Machine
Article By Arif K Naikwade & Nilesh Zambare On Study Of Air Consumption On Air Jet Weaving Machine And Manufacture High Quality Textiles With Air Jet Looms To Establish Optimum Weaving Conditions
Garment Making, Sewing Thread & Selection Criteria
The different types of Sewing Thread are used in Garment Making like Natural fiber threads, Cotton Threads, Synthetic threads and Combination fibers.
Effect Of Stitches, Spi & Sewing Threads On Seam Strength & Slippage On Fabrics
Article By Anita A Desai, Effect Of Stitches, Spi & Sewing Threads On Seam Strength & Slippage On Fabrics, Garment Manufacturing, The Technology Of Converting 2 Dimensional Fabric Into 3
PTFE Sewing Thread-Special Sewing Threads for Technical Applications
PTFE Sewing Thread Is A Special Sewing Threads For Technical Applications, PTFE Sewing Thread And GORE TENARA® Sewing Thread Is Made From 100% Pure Expanded PTFE Fiber But GORE TENARA Is Two To Three
Rhinestone Setting Machines
Rhinestone Setting Machines is used for garment decoration. The Rhinestone Setting software can run vinyl cutters, laser, engravers and a wide range of rhinestone setting machines.
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