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The Role of Secondary Heater in deciding Yarn characteristics in Texturising Machinery
Secondary Heaters: Role of Secondary Heaters for deciding Yarn Characteristics in Yarn Texturising Machines is very often a disputed matter and the temperature kept by the PTY manufacturers depending
Basic Sewing Techniques
Basic Sewing Techniques
Adding value with a stitch
Types of Decorative Stiches and Sewing Machinery Market. In market 30-40 Decorative Stitching Patterns, Decorative Stiches Types with advanced sewing machinery can be brought
Taguchi Concept in Minimizing Seam Pucker by Optimizing the Sewing Conditions
Taguchi Concept Used In Minimizing Seam Pucker By Optimizing The Sewing Conditions. Seam A Joint Where Sequence Of Stitches Unites Two Or More Pieces Of Material. Seam Puckering Refers To Gathering Of
Drafting aprons for ring spinning machines
Article is based on Drafting Aprons for Ring Spinning Machines. Aprons made of Synthetic Rubber are made in endless tubular form whereas leather or Synthetic Leather Aprons are made open in strips and
Quality assessment of sewing threads
Quality assessment of sewing threads
A New Concept to Increase Ring Spinning Productivity by "FOR" Twisting Device
FOR Twist Device for Ring Spinning - New concept of FOR Twist device help in increase productivity of Spinning Machines,Cotton spinning machine,Yarn Spinning Machinery,Ring spinning process and more
What Kind of Sewing Thread Should I Use?
What Kind of Sewing Thread Should I Use?
Sewing Machines: Making a Comeback?
Sewing Machines: Making a Comeback?
China and Its global embroidery machine market
The demand pattern indicates that various models of lock-stitch embroidery machines still occupy
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