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Silk Enzymatic Degumming
Silk Enzymatic Degumming - Enzyme Applications in Textiles, Get the information about enzymatic degumming of silk fibers, which can hydrolyse the sericin is classified as proteolytic enzymes &
Eco silk dyeing
Eco silk dyeing requires no chemicals at any stages of the dyeing process. That is why eco dyeing process preserves environment from any type of pollution.
For muga, the ride is not as smooth as silk
Machine-woven muga silk fabric is far superior to the hand-woven fabric in various properties. Muga silk industry needs initiatives of Government to leverage it.
Do You Long To Slip Into Silk And Satin?
Do You Long To Slip Into Silk And Satin?
Wash care fundamentals for silk
Care Labels, Case Studies, Colour fastness to washing, Colour fastness to actual laundering and Colour fastness to commercial dry-cleaning using Perchloroethylene are some basic aspects of Silk Wash
A Brief Story on Silk Fabric
Article By Michele Carelse Stephen, A Brief On Silk Fabric Story, Many Types Like Art Silk, Viscose, Chiffon Fabric, Stretch Fabric, Tissue, Cotton And Silk Are Man Made Fabrics, Four Types Of Natural
Silk Weaving Of Assam
Silk Weaving is assam is one of the striking regions of India & traditional sarees as of muga silk are so durable that it can be used for long years, more at fibre2fashion.com
Pure Silk Sarees
Article By Vivek Jha, Pure Silk Sarees, Silk Sarees Are The Perfect Attire For Ladies Of All Ages And Occasions Of All Sorts, Silk Saris Manufacture Comes With The Best Designs And Arts And Styles,
Development of Silk Nonwovens
Development of Silk Nonwovens
Modern Thai Silk
Thai Silk, Modern Thai Silk is also used in the production of carpets, astronauts clothing, sewing thread, fishing lines and typewriter ribbons. Nail wrap. Chivalrysilk is a Thailand silk manufacture
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