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Silk Slip Sensations
Silk Slip Sensations
The Creation Of Silk Scarf
The Creation Of Silk Scarf
What is Thai silk really?
What is Thai silk really?
Properties and Characteristics of Silk
Properties and Characteristics of Silk
Pocket a couple of silk scarves
Pocket a couple of silk scarves by Meryl Rougeaux - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - useful for scarves Manufacturer, scarves Importers, scarves Exporter,
Gossamer : The Spider Silk
Spider silk is protein fiber spun by spiders. It is also known as Gossamer. Spider silk is an extremely strong material and is on weight basis stronger than steel.
Quality Mulberry Silk Production
Mulberry Silk in India - Mulberry silk production is about 16,000 metric tones and during the 12th plan period, the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India is contemplating to boost production to
Silk Enzymatic Degumming
Silk Enzymatic Degumming - Enzyme Applications in Textiles, Get the information about enzymatic degumming of silk fibers, which can hydrolyse the sericin is classified as proteolytic enzymes &
Eco silk dyeing
Eco silk dyeing requires no chemicals at any stages of the dyeing process. That is why eco dyeing process preserves environment from any type of pollution.
For muga, the ride is not as smooth as silk
Machine-woven muga silk fabric is far superior to the hand-woven fabric in various properties. Muga silk industry needs initiatives of Government to leverage it.
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