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Silk Production- A Bit of History
Silk Production- A Bit of History
Peace Silk Secrets – A Vegan’s critical guide to ethical silk
Silk is a highly luxurious and sensual - at touch fibre - extracted from silkworm cocoons. Silk was first introduced to the European craftsmen from China, brought via the Silk Road trade routes, over
Ensuring a silky protection - 'Silk Mark'
Silk Mark is a Quality Assurance Label for Silk Fabrics. Silk Mark ensures quality of silk, quality of silk fabrics, natural silk fabrics, and natural silk products.
Indian Silk Industry 'turns over a new leaf' with novelty
Indian Silk Industry is second largest silk manufacturer in raw silk production. Eco Friendly Silk, is being manufacture by Silk Fabric Manufacturers in such that extracting silk fabric from cocoons
Chemical Processing of Silk: The Queen of Textile Fibres
Article By Vijaya Shanbhag, Chemical Processing Of Silk, That Is Know As Queen Of Textile Fibres As Silk Is Devided As Domestic Silk, Mulberry Silk, Wild Silk, Tussar Silk, Murshidabad Silk And More.
The 'Silk City' Allures World: Bhagalpur Handloom Cluster
Silk City Bhagalpur: Bhagalpur handloom cluster know as one of the important producer of quality silk and also known for silk dress material, silk home furnishing, silk scarves, tassar silk sarees.
Various types of silk fabrics for better designing
Various Types of Silk Fabric,Types of Silk Fabric,Types of Silk Fabric in India,Different types of Silk Fabric,Different types of Silk Fabric in India for better apparel designing,garment designing.
The abrasive wear behaviour of a Thai silk fabric
The bulk of world silk supply comes from the domesticated silk moth, the other varieties of silk include most of the Thai Silk Fabrics are known as Wild Silk. Varieties of natural silk are Mulberry
Ahimsa Silk - a sustainable and non-violent alternative
Ahimsa silk is a non-violent, Eco Friendly Silk Fabric and sustainable process of procuring silk fabric without killing silk worms.
An innovation ignored
Sudha Passi tells the story of Ahimsa Silks that has been producing items from silk that is derived without killing the worms. It has been 25 years
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