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Silk Production- A Bit of History
Silk Production- A Bit of History
Sericulture Abroad: Africa: Wild Silkmoth Culture For Income and Eco-Conservation
The authors here have undertaken a silk journey to seven African countries to explore the practices there, & introduce the readers to many unknown facts.
Application of Management Techniques Knowledge for Weavers of Varanasi Silk Industry for better profit
Application of Management Techniques Knowledge for Weavers of Varanasi Silk Industry for better profit by Total Quality management (TQM), Six Sigma etc.
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles by Alan Beggerow - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
About silk
About silk
Read The Article About Silk As India Has A Rich Silk-Ruled Heritage. It Has Been Discovered By A Chinese Princess And Sponsored By The Empress. Also Read About Silk Carpet, Indigenous Silk Moths, Wild
Note on Indian silk industry
Here’s an overview of Indian Silk Industry. Know about the domestic demand, export potential, employment potential, sericulture and much more. Read Now!
Development of Silk Nonwovens
Development of Silk Nonwovens
Modern Thai Silk
Thai Silk, Modern Thai Silk is also used in the production of carpets, astronauts clothing, sewing thread, fishing lines and typewriter ribbons. Nail wrap. Chivalrysilk is a Thailand silk manufacture
Ideas on Silk Ties
Ideas on Silk Ties
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