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Interview: Silke Brand-Kirsch, Executive Partner, Schlegel und Partner
Silke Brand Kirsch is the Executive Partner of Schlegel Und Partner talks about the growth prospects of the nonwovens industry, its biggest markets, sustainability, and the company's expansion plans
Interview: Kirti Kumar Patodia, Director, Star Silk Exports
Kirti Kumar Patodia is the director of Star Silk Exports, talks about the global silk industry and the future of man-made fibre compared to natural fibre in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Dhirubhai Shah, Chairman, Shahlon Silk Industries
Shahlon Silk Industries engaged in manufacture and export of quality fabrics and synthetic textile yarns. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, chairman Dhirubhai Shah talks how his company is trying to
Interview: Gaurav Poddar, Executive Director, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.
A Talk with Gaurav Poddar from Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd..Gaurav Poddar on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. specialized in having headquarter in India.
Interview: Ramesh Poddar, Chairman and MD, Siyaram Silk Mills Limited
Ramesh Poddar is the Chairman & MD of Siyaram Silk Mills Limited. Siyaram Silk Mills Limited. Ramesh Poddar Talks about the branded segment as well as opportunistic element of the unorganised sector.
Interview: Dhirubhai & Arvind Shah, Founders, Shahlon Silk Industries Ltd
Shahlon Silk Industries Ltd, founded by the Shah brothers - Dhirubhai, Arvind and Nitin, turned to manufacturing fabric for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when Covid struck. Dhirubhai Shah in
Interview: Gagan Gulati, Owner, PG Silk Mills Pvt Ltd
PG Silk Mills Private Limited manufactures and exports nylon, georgette, chiffon and cotton fabrics. Owner Gagan Gulati gets candid about Surat's textile industry post-GST and discusses the expansion
Interview: Dr.sean Blamires, Visiting Fellow, Evolution and Ecology Research Centre
Using spider silk for clothing may not seem to be an attractive proposition for common people, but spider silk is the toughest natural fibre, which is also non-toxic and antibacterial.
Interview: Hilmond Hui, Vice President, Bombyx
Bombyx is an innovative silk supplier and textile manufacturer producing 20 lakh metres of fine silk annually. Hilmond Hui, vice president of Bombyx, discusses with Fibre2Fashion the steps taken to
Interview: Ishita Roy, CEO & Secretary General, Central Silk Board & International Sericultural Commission respectively
Ishita Roy is the CEO & Secretary General of Central Silk Board and International Sericultural Commission respectively. Ishita Roy discusses the pros and cons of Indian silk industry.
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