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Kraig speeds up recombinant spider silk fibres production, United States Of America
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the leading developer of spider silk based fibres, has announced that it has implemented two major advancements in the development of next generation recombinant spider
Columbia Engineering team creates comet moth fibres, United States Of America
Columbia Engineering scientists have found that fibres produced by the caterpillars of a wild silk moth, the Madagascar comet moth (Argema mittrei), are far superior in brilliance and cooling ability.
Work begins after Kraig ties up with cooperatives, Vietnam
Work on planting mulberry has begun as part of the collaborative agreement signed between Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, leading developer of spider silk based fibres, and several farming cooperatives
Japanese team finds key component in spider silk, Japan
Scientists at Japan’s Riken Centre for Sustainable Resource Science have discovered a previously unidentified structural component key to the formation of spider silk and its extraordinary strength.
Kraig Biocraft speeds up spider silk production ramp-up, United States Of America
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has announced that Jon Rice, the company’s COO, held meetings with senior Vietnamese officials, in Quang Nam, and US government officials, at the US Embassy, in Hanoi,
Kraig Biocraft makes DNA for spider silk proteins, United States Of America
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, the leading developer of spider silk based fibres, has constructed genetic material or DNA encoding for spider silk proteins. With this, the company believes it should be
Kraig collaborating with local cooperative in Vietnam, Vietnam
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a leading developer of spider silk based fibres, is collaborating with a local cooperative in Quang Nam province, Vietnam to expand mulberry production. This effort is a
Uttarakhand launches oak tasar silk project, India
An Oak Tasar Development Project backed by the Central Silk Board was launched by Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra S Rawat in Dehradun recently. Announcing a state grant of ₹1 crore for the supply
Kraig Labs deploys spider silk DNA synthesis methodology, United States Of America
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. has completed more than 2,500 microinjections using the recently announced new spider silk DNA synthesis methodology. Kraig Biocraft, headquartered in the US, is a
Kraig Biocraft makes silk shootpack panels for US army, United States Of America
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a developer of spider silk based fibres, has delivered ballistic shootpack panels to the US army made from the company’s proprietary dragon silk material. The panels will
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