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A Sea Change for Synthetic Fibres & Plastics
Adrian Wilson charts some of the latest advances in the recycling of fibres and plastics for a circular economy. The entire plastics industry has its origins in synthetic fibres and effectively came
Synthetic Developments
Rising costs of genuine leather and increasing awareness about animal cruelty have paved the way for synthetic leather to take over. The trends can be seen in the clothing, footwear and upholstery
Drafting aprons for ring spinning machines
Article is based on Drafting Aprons for Ring Spinning Machines. Aprons made of Synthetic Rubber are made in endless tubular form whereas leather or Synthetic Leather Aprons are made open in strips and
Natural substitute for synthetic detergent
Aritha and shitakes are being used as Natural Substitute since past years for Synthetic Detergent. preparation of samples for laundering, extraction of the content from aritha and shikakai and
Indian Synthetic Textile export feels the blues
Synthetic Textile Exports in 2010-11 – Synthetic Textile Industry, Export of Synthetic Textile Sector in India has good growth potential to emerge as a major outsourcing hub. Due to increasing price
Thailand's total cotton production is less than 1% of total demand
Thailand is one of the countries which participates in the complete textile industry chain from upstream to downstream. The country possesses large, medium and small-scale industries for synthetic
Health and Environmental Hazards of Synthetic Dyes
Article on Hazards of Synthetic Dyes, Danger of Synthetic Dyes, Health Risks of Synthetic Dyes and health effects of dyes released in textile industry wastewater by Prof. R. B. Chavan and many more at
Walnut Dye for Wool & Silk & Development of a Color Palette for a Product Line
Article on Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes. Traditionally tie and dye was done employing natural dyes. Learn about Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes
Surat Dyeing House Steps into Retail with a Fabric Brand
A fabric brand Jianna and an accessory brand Caressa have been launched by a Surat-based dyeing and processing house. What looked like an impossible dream has been made to come true by the Zenitex
Multifunctional specialty finish on synthetic and its blends
Multifunctional Specialty Finish was tried on different synthetic substrates. Anti Microbial Finish is applied to textile materials.
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