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Man-made Fabric Manufacturers Should Be Provided Fibre at Chinese Rates
Article by Kaval Mehra, Man-made Fabric Manufacturers Should Be Provided Fibre at Chinese Rates, textile sector in general and Powerloom industry especially man made still global slow down, Ministry
Focus on Nonwoven Geotextiles
Nonwoven Geotextiles have a wide range of applications in civil environmental engineering and construction projects. Modern Geotextiles are usually made from synthetic polymers which do not decay
Basketball shoes standards
The Basketball Shoes are either crafted through the use of canvas, synthetic leather, or leather alone. Basketball teams are oftentimes sponsored by Basketball Shoes Manufacturers.the all-around
Mexican Textile Industry: A Report
Study on Mexico Textile Clothing, and Apparel, industry Export and Import. The Mexican Textile sector comprises of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, textiles, apparels, and textile made-up.
Garment Making, Sewing Thread & Selection Criteria
The different types of Sewing Thread are used in Garment Making like Natural fiber threads, Cotton Threads, Synthetic threads and Combination fibers.
Why should technical textiles grow in india
Article By Mr. Malayan Marimuthu, Why Should Technical Textiles Grow In India, Technical Textiles Defined As Woven, Knitted, Braided And Nonwoven Textiles Manufactured And Also Nonwoven Fabrics,
AYURVASTRA - An Eco Friendly Textile
Ayurvastra cloth is made of 100% pure organic cotton and also completely free from synthetic chemicals & toxic irritants & is totally organic, sustainable & biodegradable. AYURVASTRA is
Dyeing of Silk with Red Cabbage
Textile & fabric industry is accepting natural dyeing of silk rather than synthetic dyeing. Natural dyeing technique is pollution free. Natural dyeing of silk is helpful in terms of health, safety
Impact of Proposed EU duty Concessions on Pakistan’s Textile Industry: An analysis
Impacts of EU Duty Concessions for Pakistan Textile Industry: EU gives concessions for Pakistan Woven Garments, Knitted Garments, Home Textiles, Cotton Yarn & Fabrics, Synthetic & Polyester,
Ceramic Yarn-Clay's Journey from Pottery to Textile
Ceramic Yarn Is One Of The Man-Made Mineral Fibers, Popularly Known As Mineral Wool, They Are Made From Natural Or Synthetic Minerals Or Metal Oxides To Make Ceramic Fibers, Chemicals Like Silica Are
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