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Application of Eco-friendly Vegetable Dyes on Cotton fabric
Application of Eco-friendly Vegetable Dyes on Cotton fabric, the advent of synthetic dyes-stuff in abundance, a wide range of colours of remarkable fastness properties made its way making natural dyes
Innovations: The Green Rush
Far away from the public glare in research centres and labs around the world, thousands of textile engineers, chemists and other specialists are continually inventing, testing and adapting green
Trying Times
Manufacturing and trading at the textiles city of Surat had immeasurably suffered following the demonetisation of November 2016 and the rollout of the goods and services tax (GST) a year back. Subir
Splicing solutions from Savio
In the automatic yarn winding process, splicing is the most important part and Savio is particular on that. Savio has a wide range of splicing solutions for different applications and requirements.
Eco-friendly shoes from Nike
Article is based on Eco friendly shoes from Nike. Nike shoes are manufactured from waste leather, waste synthetic materials, and other substances available on the factory floor.
Chemically-manufactured bamboo rayon
Bamboo fabric has a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive and more durable. Clothing made from this fabric is easy to launder in a clothes washer and dryer.
A Leading Edge Business Platform 'Source India 2010
Article By Fibre2fashion, Source India 2010 – Manmade Textile, Synthetic Fibres Were Born Out Of The Extensive Research Of Scientists, Manmade Fibre Textile Industry (MMF) Originated And Today, Its
Silk bedding, the healthier back to basics alternative
Silk bedding has seen a huge increase in both trade and expansion of products recently. silksleep (dot) com who have been trading for several years now exclusively selling silk bedding products. Silk
Scenario of viscose pulp and fiber industry
Viscose fibres account for the major alternative use for dissolved pulp, with around 2 million ton of fiber produced per annum. Read to know more.
Soaring cotton prices benefits polyester fiber consumption
Polyester Staple Fibers are undergoes from processes like drawing, crimping, spin finish application and is cut into fixed lengths to get fibers similar to cotton fibers. Polyester, nylon and acrylic
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