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Machinery automation: A double edged sword
A double Automation is no longer knocking at the doorstep; it's already here. But more than being an eventuality, the migration towards automation is the cumulative result of a number of factors: from
Replacing Synthetic Materials in Automobile Upholstery with Natural Comfort and Hygiene Materials
Replacing Synthetic Materials in Automobile Upholstery with Natural Comfort and Hygiene Materials by C. S. Sentthil Kumar - Free Technical Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com -
Genetically Engineered Clothes - The Ethics of Synthetic Biology in Fashion
The fashion and technology sectors have been buzzing lately about high-tech fabrics obtained from biomaterials and genetically engineered microorganisms.
Filter Fabric
Article By Mahantesh. Nimbargi And Umesh Taklikar, Filter Fabrics Available In Natural & Synthetic Fibres - Staple Yarn, Focus On Filter Fabric As Main Its Fabric Manufacturing Technique, Non
The Miracle Fibre - 'Spandex'
Read Article on Characteristic of Synthetic Fibre, Applications of Spandex Fibres, Stretchable Jeans, Active Sports wear, Compression garments and Automotive Textiles. Spandex is a long chain of
Waterproof Breathable Fabrics
Article By Mrs. P. M. Katkar On Waterproof Breathable Fabrics, Waterproof Textile, Which May Be Defined As Intelligent Waterproof Fabric. Waterproof Fabric Completely Prevents The Penetration And
Problems and Aspects of Natural Dyes
Article By Pragati Kodrikar On Problems And Aspects Of Natural Dyes, Natural Dyes, Synthetic Dyes, Is A Organic Chemical Compound Which Is Used For Colouring The Fabric And Many More Only At
Handloom Weavers Opting Out Of Ages-Old Occupation
Article By Ranjana Narayan, Handloom Weavers Opting Out Of Ages-Old Occupation, More And More Handloom Weavers Are Leaving Their Traditional Occupation Due To The Onslaught Of Cheaper Synthetic
A Brief History of Rugs and Carpets
Read The Brief History About Ancient Rugs And Carpets As Earliest Rugs Were Made Of Organic Fibers As The Advent Of Synthetic Fibers And Tufted Carpet Made Mass Production And Purchase Of Carpets
A Review on Natural Fiber Composites
Article By Supriyo Chakraborty As A Composite Material Is Made By Combining Two Or More Materials To Give A Unique Combination Of Properties, One Of Which Is Made Up Of Stiff, Long Fibres, And The
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