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Prices of major chemical fibres ascend in Jan, China
The price of viscose staple fiber (1.67 dtex / 38 mm) increased from xx,xxx Yuan / ton to xx,xxx Yuan / ton on January 22, and further rose to .....
Buyer interest for downstream products slows down, China
June 4 Monday, PTA, MEG prices settled down, semi-dull and bright CDP prices continued to decline, PET bottle slice looked stable. Polyester staple fiber prices...
Spandex market firming up gradually, China
In Jiangsu and Zhejiang regional market, 1.4D polyester staple fiber dropped significantly on Tuesday, ex-factory price fell xxx Yuan per ton in general and now mainstream price is quoted between
Shandong Jide develops bamboo fibre fabrics, China
Recently Shandong Jide Ecology Science & Technology Co Ltd. has successfully innovated, developed and manufactured 100 percent bamboo fiber fabrics and realized mass production of the fabric. Natural
Q4 FY15 net profit jumps 207% at Indo Rama India, India
Polyester major Indo Rama Synthetics (India) reported net profit of Rs 94.64 crore in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015, ended March 31, 2016, a rise of 207 per cent as compared to Rs 30.84 crore in
Interview: Mr Francisco Lorenzo, Director (marketing & sales), Paper & Forest Products, Sniace SA
Interview With Mr Francisco Lorenzo Is The Director (Marketing & Sales) For Paper & Forest Products Industry At Sniace And Mr Francisco Lorenzo Offers His Stance On World Market Of Synthetic Fibres In
Chemical fibre sector leads in world production capacity, China
Chemical fiber production capacity of China reached nearly xxx tons and output amounted to almost xxx tons in 2007, exceeding xxx percent of the total capacity and total output of the entire world...
Prices of key raw material inputs continue to fall, China
Prices of key raw material inputs continue to fall polyester chips also fell. Prices of acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm ....
Pure polyester yarn attracts demand, China
On Monday, September 24, prices of PTA and MEG showed improvement. Semi-dull and bright polyester chip prices were stable. CDP and PET bottle slice prices moved sideways. Polyester staple fiber price
Textile material prices show firm trend , China
PTA, MEG prices started to pick up and prices of semi-dull, bright polyester chips, CDP chip continued to climb up. PET bottle and polyester staple fiber price was also on the rise. Acrylic Staple
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