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PTFE Sewing Thread-Special Sewing Threads for Technical Applications
PTFE Sewing Thread Is A Special Sewing Threads For Technical Applications, PTFE Sewing Thread And GORE TENARA® Sewing Thread Is Made From 100% Pure Expanded PTFE Fiber But GORE TENARA Is Two To Three
Desired and Undesired Hair of p/w DRF Yarns
Article on Drf Yarn, DRF Yarns Quality, DRF Yarns Fibre Quality, DRF yarns than conventional yarns produced by different fiber length comparatively by Lokesh Shukla, Dept. of Textile Technology at the
Textile wet processing
Fiber Wool Scouring involves the use of hot water and detergents to remove soil, vegetable impurities, grease and other contaminants from fibers.Wool Scouring uses water and alkali. Textile Wet
Potentials for jute based composites
The jute fiber have been used for so long in low value products, such as gunny bags, twine, and carpet backing.Jute Based Composites, Textile Jute Composites has many advantages. Jute is renewable
PET Outlook - 2008
Read Article on Polyethylene Terephthalate - PET Global Market Scenario, Overview of Polyester Fiber and Filament Industry and PET Industry Statistics. In last quarter of 2008 Chinese government
Green Story of Lyocell Fibre
Lyocell fibre is the manmade Cellulosic fibre for green environment. Lyocell Staple Fiber, Cellulosic fibre & cellulosic fiber the manmade fibre derived from cellulose. Lyocell staple fiber,
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