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Metallic Yarns and Fibres in Textiles
Metallic Yarn an Metal fibre Manufacturing Process -Metallic Yarns,Silver Metallic Yarn,Gold Metallic Yarns,Metal Fibre,Metal Fiber are made from strips of a synthetic film, such as polyester, coated
Garment Making, Sewing Thread & Selection Criteria
The different types of Sewing Thread are used in Garment Making like Natural fiber threads, Cotton Threads, Synthetic threads and Combination fibers.
Bicomponent Fiber
Bicomponent Fiber
Understanding The Different Types of Carpet Fibers
Understanding The Different Types of Carpet Fibers
Selection of Fiber for Geotextiles
Natural Fibers in Geotextiles – The use of natural fibers as Geotextiles in paper strips, jute nets, wood shavings or wool mulch.
Natural substitute for synthetic detergent
Aritha and shitakes are being used as Natural Substitute since past years for Synthetic Detergent. preparation of samples for laundering, extraction of the content from aritha and shikakai and
Advancement in nanotechnology of polymers and fibers
Fibers Nanotechnology, Polymer Nanotechnology is advanced Nanotechnology. Carbon Nanofiber and Carbon Nanoparticles both may enhance the chemical resistance. Nanoclays are the viable source of
Bamboo Fibers and Its Applications
Applications of Bamboo Fibers - Bamboo Fibers are Skin Friendly, & Natural Anti-Bacteria. Bamboo Fibers Applications are wet permeability, moisture vapour transmission property, soft hand, better
Soybean Fibers - A Review
Soybean Fiber Properties are smoothness/luster/comfort/absorbency/strength/shrinkage when mix with other fibers.
High Performance Fibers from Nature
Natural High Performance Fibers, Silk-Spun Protein Fiber from Spiders And Insects, Spider Silk Production Not Domesticated, Spider Dragline And Silkworm Cocoon Silks Considered As Semi Crystalline
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